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As the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion began, Lisa Rinna accused Denise Richards of lying.

In part two, Denise is defending her wildly inconsistent statements. Meanwhile, everyone is asking where Brandi is.

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The ladies confronted Denise about her many versions of events.

As everyone recalls, she said that she and Brandi were friends at BravoCon, then said that she barely knew her in Rome.

When Brandi pulled out their lengthy texting history, however, most of the Housewives decided that Denise could no longer be believed on her word alone.

"Every 10 text messages that were sent to me from Brandi, I would respond," Denise claimed.

"She would always contact me about going to dinner, this and that," she characterized, "and I never did."

"It was a very, I would call acquaintance exchange," Denise insisted, "but I was always nice to her. I had no reason not to."

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Lisa Rinna still didn’t understand why Denise didn’t call Brandi then and there to talk this out in Rome after she first heard what was being said.

Denise claimed that she didn’t reach out to her "because she’s not a friend of mine."

"You can’t keep lying," Lisa warned her friend. "You can’t."

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"Lisa, you can’t keep playing this card either," Denise retorted.

She insisted: "I’m telling you right now, I’m telling the truth, I am not friends with Brandi."

"Well, not now," Kyle pointed out with a laugh.

Kyle Richards Gets Serious at the Season 10 Reunion

As you can see in the clip that we included with this article, Andy then played the BravoCon panel clip where Denise said that she was friends with Brandi.

"I truly meant it because, at that point, I had no reason to say anything negative about Brandi," Denise claimed.

Andy pointed out that Brandi’s story is, objectively, not consistent … and she didn’t like that at all.

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"I feel like you’re trying to discredit this and that’s not cool," Denise complained.

Andy fired back: "I’m showing all sides. I’m showing every side."

"Except Brandi’s side," Erika Jayne pointed out, which caused multiple other Housewives to chime in, asking why Brandi wasn’t part of this Reunion.

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"This is bullshit, why isn’t Brandi here to do this with you?" Lisa asked.

Her obvious implication was that perhaps Denise had threatened to not do the Reunion if Brandi took part in it.

Instead of admitting to that, Denise decided to say that Brandi wasn’t really "part of the show" even though she was central to the drama and had appeared on it this season.

Denise very nearly tattled on herself, saying "I was not going to give her the satisfaction to come on."

It was Erika who openly wondered if Denise had been the one to block Brandi from appearing.

Andy, however, provided an explanation — or perhaps a cover story — for the decision.

"I would like to add that the conversation with Bravo was," Andy spoke up.

He said that Bravo decided "that after saying, ‘I licked her c–t,’ there really was nowhere else to go."

"We’ve kind of heard enough and what more can we add to the conversation," Andy alleged. Sure, Jan.

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Dorit emphasized that she believed Denise, which was … very charitable of Dorit.

Meanwhile, Denise’s difficulty keeping her story straight continued to work against her.

Teddi called out Denise for admitting to the confessional camera that she had said worse things about Teddi than calling her a "s–t-stirrer."

Teddi Mellencamp at the Season 10 Reunion

"According to who?" Denise asked, as if she had just tuned out as that clip was replayed. Also as if she doesn’t know the difference between "who" and "whom."

All of her castmates replied "You!" Literally, they had just heard her admit to it, but maybe Denise had forgotten about how honest she was to the camera.

Denise got the last wrod of the night, saying "You guys are so vicious."