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New Little People, Big World season?

Same old problems between Amy and Matt Roloff?

When we last left off between the former spouses on air, they weren’t getting along very well.

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Matt was pressuring Amy to sell him her portion of the family farm, a deal she eventually agreed to… albeit somewhat reluctantly.

As those who follows the Roloffs closely know well by now, Amy has since moved off the property she called home for three decades and into a brand new house.

But she hasn’t seem very happy about it, as Amy herself has made clear multiple times.

Fast forward to new episodes, which premiere on TLC on Septemnber 29 and, yes, Amy is off the farm.

However, issues with her ex persist.

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“This is it, the house is being emptied,” Amy says in the trailer as she finishes packing. “I’m kind of sad, how 30 years can be just put in a box, and poof, I’m out.”

She adds: "My story is gone. It’s walked out the door."

This is clearly a challenging transition for the mother of four, and it’s made all the more diffiicult by the way she clashes with Matt over spending time on the farm.

“She’s had trouble letting go in general and that’s something she has to work through on her own time," he says at one point.

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Despite no longer residing in the home she resided in for 30 years, Amy still co-owns part  the property with Matt, leading to some lingering tensions between the two.

And also between Amy and fiance Chris Marek, who we see arguing in the preview.

As well as between Amy and Matt’s serious girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, who quips toward the end of this footage:

"Sometimes I feel like I’m still married to her."

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“I wish you wouldn’t be so defensive,” Matt tells his ex-wife in on scene, to which Amy fires back: "I wish you wouldn’t be so pushy."

Yikes, huh?

Matt has said that Little People, Big World is edited to make things seem worse than they actually are between him and Amy, but still:

Things could obviously be better between them.

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Elsewhere in this extended sneak peek, Zach Roloff expresses concern about expanding his family.

“I’m nervous about juggling a newborn, a toddler and a dog at the same time. It’s a lot to handle," he says.

And then wife Tori expresses concern about the couple’s second child, a daughter named Lilah who was born as a little person.

She has "fluid" in her head and there’s seemingly potential for major medical complications as a result.

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"Things can get really scary really quickly," she notes.

Check out the preview now and then prepare for new episodes in just a few weeks. 

We can’t wait!