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Talk about giving fans a Heart Attack.

While Demi Lovato did not become the latest singer to fall off a stage while performing for fans, the 22-year did fall down hard while promoting her new track “Cool for the Summer” at the WaterMarke Tower in Downtown Los Angeles Sunday.

"Well…It’s not a tour without busting ass!!!!" the artist joked on Twitter along with a video of the scary moment. "#NotCoolForTheSummer #F–kIt."

As you can see above, Lovato was getting a microphone attached to her bathing suit when she bit it.

Pretty badly, it seemed. The singer really nearly hit her face on the makeshift stage. You can hear an attendee utter "Oh my God" right after it happened.

But Lovato recoved like a champ, got up, screamed in delight and even jumped into the pool following the incident.

Check it out now!