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Carli Lloyd recorded a hat trick as the U.S. Women’s Soccer National Team captured the World Cup last night, their first title since 1999.

Her third goal – all in the first 16 minutes, no less – was one of the best you’ll ever see and effectively buried Japan for good in a 4-0 hole.

Lloyd, 32, was unstoppable, at least in the early going.

Having already scored twice on set pieces, Lloyd made it a hat trick (three goals in a game, a feat rare in hockey and rarer in soccer).

It was that effort that the media lauded as one of the best ever, as the New Jersey scored from 54 yards away – nearly half the field!

In a split second, Lloyd saw Japan’s goalkeeper creeping up from the goal line and caught her off guard with a perfectly placed bomb.

Unreal. Japan battled gamely from that point on, but the damage was done and the Americans held on for a 5-2 win Sunday night.

U-S-A! U-S-A!