Deavan Clegg: 90 Day Fiance Star Says Family is Traumatized, Being STALKED

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Although she had what could objectively be called an awful experience on 90 Day Fiance, Deavan Clegg is moving on.

But she still wants to share her story. To that end, she and her boyfriend have created a documentary.

Deavan Clegg Kisses Topher Park

Deavan Clegg and Topher Park are teasing a documentary, releasing their first trailer for it, which we have included in this post.

Within the teaser, Deavan introduces herself as a "producer of toph&her magazine."

Nic Alves, also featured in the trailer, sort of explains that the magazine was initialized as a "fashion magazine." Topher refers to it beginning as "a look book."

Deavan Clegg Shows Off Freshly Plumped Lips

“I really wanted to share, like, a complete look with the world, like, this is how I like to style my clothes,” Topher explains.

Nic then describes it as a “fashion entertainment passion project put together by a group of individuals looking to have a creative outlet.”

Topher shares that they had initially planned to skip this issue “there was just a lot more that I felt was more important than making an issue, but things changed.”

Deavan Clegg and Topher Park Dress Up Fancily

This is when we get into Deavan.

It appears that this documentary will touch upon her belief that fans "canceled" her.

She will also discuss the trauma of taking her children to flee an abusive home.

Topher Park with Taeyang Lee on a Walk

“While we’re being cancelled for taking care of the kids and trying to raise the kids and be a normal family," Deavan says.

She laments: "But we’re the one’s getting cancelled."

Deavan continues: "because we’re the ones who left an abusive relationship."

Topher Park and (Barely) Deavan Clegg

"We’re the ones who left abuse to come here to be safe," Deavan notes.

"And," she continues, "I’m the one who’s the single mother paying for everything.”

Deavan then understates that Drascilla “basically has PTSD from when [they were] in Korea."

Deavan Clegg with Vibrant Eyes

Deavan also defends her romance with Topher, a relationship to which her haters have strongly objected.

“I have someone that I’m in love with that I’m with because we love each other," she says, "not for any other reason."

“And it’s someone who is kind to my children who deeply care[s] for my children," Deavan describes.

Deavan Clegg and Topher Park

"And that’s all I ever wanted my children to have was someone to love them as much as I do,” Deavan tells the camera.

Topher then praises Deavan for how much love she has for her two children.

Apparently, the full documentary video is "coming soon."

Deavan Clegg and Drascilla with Missing Hair

Honestly, had Deavan come to us and asked THG if we thought that this would change anyone's minds, we'd have had to tell her "no."

Just look at Fernanda Flores, who made a documentary about her experiences and why her marriage ended.

She had an eyewitness who described her own experiences about Fernanda's marriage ... including times when she was afraid to leave Fernanda alone with her now-ex-husband.

Deavan Clegg and Topher Park Get Cute on Camera

Did it change anyone's mind? We hope so, but we haven't seen any evidence of that.

And that is because people who decide that a 90 Day Fiance star is a "villain' aren't really looking to feel differently.

They see someone make mistakes on screen, and all that it takes is a push from editing to see them as their new favorite punching bag. Deavan received an absurdly unflattering edit this season, and some people have decided to hate her forever.

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