Deavan Clegg Blasts 90 Day Fiance: The Whole Cast Wants to Kill Ourselves!

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After two seasons, Deavan Clegg quit 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way after her marriage reached a traumatic, horrifying end.

Now, she is lashing out at the show's beyond-shady editing and misrepresentations, revealing that at one point she was contemplating suicide.

Deavan Clegg Reflects

"The past two years have been the hardest I’ve ever experienced in my life," Deavan begins.

She expresses: "My life is forever changed by this show."

As for the changes, Deavan admits: "Some good some bad."

Deavan Clegg and Drascilla with Missing Hair

"I want to personally thank the Korean film crew who was apart from sharp," she writes, referring to production company, Sharp.

She raves over the film crew, describing them as "Amazing kind and loyal."

'Who knew the bad," Deavan credits them, "and held my hand through it."

Deavan Clegg with Vibrant Eyes

"I wish I could say the same about sharp," Deavan laments.

"I also want to thank @rosegoldrefinery for helping me through all of this," she expresses.

"You are amazing," she praises, "and I couldn’t ask for anyone else to be by my side."

Deavan Clegg and a Winter Landscape

"This experience has taught me so much," Deavan writes.

She continues: "although grateful for the opportunities this show has brought."

"The greater lesson I’ve learned," Deavan announces, "is how evil some people can be."

Deavan Clegg Snaps a Crop Top Selfie

"The truth of reality is dark and evil," Deavan laments.

She describes the reality TV industry as "Fake scenarios taken from real life to ruin many peoples lives."

"My heart goes out to the many people who have taken their lives this year due to reality tv going to far," Deavan adds.

Deavan Clegg in Hair Extensions

"I hope this recent season has taught sharp a lesson," Deavan expresses.

She then notes: "There was a lot cut the second half of the season."

Many of us have noticed that the end of Season 2 seemed ... abbreviated, as if much was glossed over.

Deavan Clegg - I don't want to be here

"A lot of over the line things bringing many of the cast members to almost take their lives," Deavan says.

"Me being one of them," she reveals. 

"I will post the video TLC showed in the trailer," Deavan announces. "The video was my goodbye."

Deavan Clegg found naked ladies on Jihoon's phone

"This experience took me to a dark place I never want to revisit," Deavan shares.

"But I also met amazing people in Korea," she adds, "who helped me through this time."

"I hope future cast members are treated fairly," Deavan expresses, "and not as money bags or other puppets."

Tiffany Franco

"I also want to thank @tiffanyfrancosmith for being my friend and supporting me during this hard journey," Deavan says as a shout-out.

She continues: "and @glitterbuggin when we would have our midnight phone calls together."

"She helped me through the abuse," Deavan writes, "and I am forever grateful." 

Erika Owens Draws the Line

Erika and Tiffany are both widely liked by the fandom, and clearly it is for good reason.

Deavan concludes her post: "As well as @johnyates327tv for being my shoulder to cry on. "

John Yates is an incomparable 90 Day Fiance blogger and is often in touch with 90 Day Fiance stars.

John Yates interview with Deavan Clegg November 2020

While Sharp did not pair Deavan up with Jihoon and obviously is not responsible for the nightmare at the end of their marriage, that's not what Deavan is angry about.

This season, she suddenly found herself on the receiving end of a "villain edit." The result has been threats of violence and death against her and her young daughter, Drascilla.

Reality TV is still a relatively new industry and, as such, underregulated. The drive to create a narrative should not ruin anyone's life, let alone endanger it.

Deavan Clegg touches base with her mom

Our hearts go out to Deavan as she continues to weather this backlash.

We'd be lying if we said that we always agree with her, but that's not the point -- her life has been changed for the worse by this show.

We will continue to keep Deavan and Drascilla in our thoughts. Meanwhile, she's not the only The Other Way alum who has some thoughts on this past season.

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