Deavan Clegg Returns to Korea, Mom Has a MELTDOWN!

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On this week's 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, all eyes were on Brittany and Yazan's stressful drive to the hotel.

Meanwhile, Deavan Clegg also touched down ... but it was her mom who was in for an uncomfortable car ride.

Jihoon Lee Has Some Concerns

Jihoon Lee's stomach was tied into knots of anxiety as Deavan Clegg returned to South Korea with her mom and two young children in tow.

Yes, he was excited to see Deavan again, not to mention little Drascilla and Taeyang and Deavan's mom, Elicia.

But Jihoon knows that he has been lying to Deavan about obtaining gainful employment ... and he can't hide that for much longer.

Jihoon Lee Waits With His Parents

Jihoon admits that he actually feels queasy as he and his parents await Deavan's arrival.

Keep in mind that this would have been filmed some time in the Fall of 2019.

Deavan quickly spots his wife.

Jihoon Lee - they're here they're here

Here come Deavan and Druscilla!

They already have their luggage and are on their way to see him.

We mean this in the nicest way possible, but ... Deavan (who is a beautiful, stylish woman) looks like she's been through the wringer.

Deavan Clegg returns to Korea

Coming off of a 22 hour flight with two small children, who wouldn't look like they're at death's door?

Jihoon's parent cannot help but comment on how much luggage Deavan has with her.

That's not surprising -- she's uprooting not only her entire life, but Drascilla's and Taeyang's. Plus, her mom's there.

Deavan Clegg - wow look how much stuff they have

Deavan sees that Jihoon is with his parents and her heart drops.

This is absolutely not the way that she envisioned Elicia meeting her in-laws.

She wanted her and her kids and her mom to be at their best when they met, not half-awake and fresh off of a flight.

Deavan Clegg at the confessional camera upon returning

Drascilla jumps up into Jihoon's arms.

She has spent months away from him -- a small lifetime, when you're barely three years old.

(And yes, despite some weird editing earlier this season making it sound like Deavan says that she is four, she was barely three)

Deavan Clegg, Jihoon Lee, and Their Families

It is a touching reunion for Deavan, Jihoon, and Drascilla.

Taeyang is sort of too young to experience touching reunions, and that's okay.

And introductions are in order between Deavan's mom and Jihoon's parents.

Jihoon Lee - my second mom

Jihoon very sweetly introduces Elicia as his "second mom."

That is touching and we're sure that it made Elicia feel nice.

Of course, Jihoon's parents are not familiar with the expression, to comedic effect.

Jihoon Lee dad - second what?

Honestly? Maybe the cutest part of this whole thing was Jihoon's affection for Drascilla.

She is still a little shy -- after having flown and been reunited (after a time that for her would be like years for us) and seems tired and overwhelmed.

Jihoon, however, is so sweet with her.

Jihoon Lee speaks to Drascilla

Speaking of affection, Elicia at first does a somewhat proper bow to Jihoon's parents.

Then she just hugs them both, holding them very tight against her.

It's an earnest display of affection ... but it is also maybe crossing some cultural and personal boundaries.

Elicia Clegg Hugs Jihoon Lee's Parents

Poor Deavan looks visibly embarrassed, but that could be the result of the cameras or editors.

Many parents embarrass their children like it's their full time job.

It probably doesn't help that Deavan is absolutely exhausted.

Deavan Clegg is Worn Out

Meanwhile, Jihoon's parents speak to the camera, marveling at Elicia's very familiar manner.

They note that in-laws in Korea are generally treated with a little formality and respect, including towards each other.

They were not really expecting the bear hug from Elicia.

Jihoon Lee parents - Elicia hugged me real tight

That said, they very diplomatic about the whole thing.

Still speaking to the camera and conscious that their words will air one day, they emphasize that it was a pleasant experience.

Honestly? That is very generous of them. (Hugs are amazing but everyone involved needs to be comfortable with them)

Jihoon Lee parents - it was nice

Then they go outside, where Jihoon helps to engage Drascilla (he's so good with her!) by pointing out their ride.

Seeing its yellow color, Drascilla identifies the van as a "bus."

This, of course, is where things start to go haywire for Drascilla's mom.

Jihoon Lee points out "our car"

International travelers are often taken aback by surprising things that are different, from power outlets to tipping culture.

The US actually has an international reputation for strict traffic laws and a politeness in driver behavior.

In places like South Korea, driving behavior can be different and even a little alarming, as Elicia discovered.

Elicia Clegg Notices the Camera

During the one-hour ride, Elicia is uncomfortable -- and begins to "freak out" before they even leave the parking lot.

We're not saying that we blame her, and she herself admits that she's wigging out.

You know how some people pop a benzodiazepine or two for a flight? Maybe Elicia could try that for a car ride in South Korea.

Elicia Clegg is Uncomfortable

The one area where Elicia and Jihoon's mom see eye-to-eye is the apartment that Jihoon now has for him and his family.

It's really not a suitable place for them, let alone for their children.

Financial realities can be grim in Korea just as they are here, but the accommodations are bound to be a sticking point as the season goes on.

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