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Danielle Bregoli, best known as the "Cash Me Outside" girl due to a memorable appearance on the Dr. Phil show last year, has now gone viral for a reason outside of her very odd word usage.

Only 13 years old, Bregoli earned her 15 Minutes of Fame several months ago when she mouthed off at the talk show audience while appearing opposite the aforementioned hack of a psychologist.

Bregoli and her mother were guests on the program, featured in a segment about the former’s out-of-control attitude.

And it was on full display not long after she stepped on to the stage.

"All these hos laughin’ like there’s something funny,” Bregoli said at one point, gesturing to the crowd and later taunting them with the catchphrase that has made her Internet famous:

“Cash me outside, howbow dah?”

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The odd word choice… the accent… pretty much everything about Danielle Bregoli caused her to become the subject of quite a few memes, along with plenty of social media commentary throughout Facebook and Twitter.

On Monday, meanwhile, Bregoli got into a VERY heated dispute with a fellow passenger on board a Spirit Airlines flight.

According to TMZ, Bregoli took issue with a woman who wasn’t happy with how long Bregoli’s mother was taking to put away her carry-on bag.

Words were exchanged and then a punch was thrown by Bregoli.

The alleged victim then made a "citizen’s arrest," TMZ writes, until the cops arrived and all three people involved in the confrontation were escorted off the plane.

No arrests were made. But a lawsuit may be forthcoming.

And Bregoli isn’t denying that an assault took place.

“She got her ass whupped by a 13-year-old,” Bregoli, who has close to 800,000 followers on Facebook and 3 million on Instagram, said in a video posted to both those platforms this afternoon.

Watch the violent video in question below: