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Even amongst his most ardent supporters, "sexy" is not a word that comes to mind when the name Bernie Sanders is mentioned.

That may be have just changed, however, as Emily Ratajkowski has executed a Jedi mind trick that’ll force your brain to forever associate democratic socialism with ginormous breasts:

Emily Ratajkowski Hearts Bernie Sanders
Emily Ratajkowski's Boobs!

Yes, Emily Ratajkowksi’s boobs are officially feeling the Bern, and we’re pretty sure that means the election is over. All hail President Sanders.

If it’s not already in the Constitution that all elections are to be decided by Emily Ratajkowski’s boobs, then we need an amendment ASAP.

Here is where you would normally find a joke about how the real boobs are the ones running for office, but we have a hard time putting any effort into this when we know 90% of you just here for the promise of topless Ratajkowski.

We assume the other 10% are just cats walking across a keyboard or something. 

Anyway, now we we know where EmRat stands in terms of presidential politics.

We doubt her endorsement will do much to shake up the election, but you know Bill Clinton is seriously considering switching sides right now.

Sure, it’ll land him in the doghouse, but it’s not like he hasn’t been there before!