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There are blonde moments, and then there’s this glorious disaster.

Courtney Stodden was livestreaming on Periscope over the weekend when things got seriously hot.

No, she didn’t start reenacting scenes from the Courtney Stodden sex tape.

Things actually heated up in the most literal sense when Courtney’s hair went up in flames.

Courtney and her psychic, Sham Ibrahim, were chatting with fans during some sort of seance when the 21-year-old got a little too close to a candle.

No one was hurt, so feel free to watch the video and laugh. Even the victim appears to see the humor in this situation.

When Courtney praised herself for being brave after she posted a makeup-free selfie, we weren’t really buying it.

Now that we’ve seen her reaction to a flaming extension, however, we agree that she’s got some serious cojones.

No word on why Court is making weird sounds with her mouth or why her friend is joking about cats getting hit by cars.

Apparently Ms. Stodden’s Periscope account offers much more interesting highlights than we would’ve thought.

Sadly, setting her hair on fire isn’t even the dumbest thing Courtney does in this video.

We don’t know how many times we can say this, people: turn your phone horizontal when you’re shooting video!