Courtney Stodden Sex Tape: Will it Start a New, Self-Pleasuring Wave?!

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Just when we felt the celebrity sex tape well had at last run dry, along came (see what we did there?!) Courtney Stodden's self-pleasing effort.

NOTE: We never really believed it had run dry, but it's been awhile since we saw one of these ... and really, it's about time, are we right pervs?!

Granted, no one has even seen the Courtney Stodden sex tape save for Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch, and he doesn't even have the rights. Yet.

You best believe dude is working overtime to lock that down ASAP.

Hirsch told Fox News that the Stodden solo performance “came to us from a third party” and it's unclear “if the third party knows Courtney or not.”

“I have not been in contact with Courtney but I hope to be ... I have not spoken to her momager or her husband or anyone connected to Courtney.”

The incomparable Courtney Stodden, 20, is managed by her mom.

She is engaged to Doug Hutchison, 54, having married the actor at age 16 in 2011 and divorced him two years later, only to reconcile last summer.

It remains to be seen if her sex tape will see the light of day, but it seems likely, given that this is Courtney Stodden we're talking about up in here.

It also remains to be seen if this signals the end of "leaked" Farrah Abraham sex tape-style porn and the advent of wave of one-person sex videos.

Despite rumors of a Kourtney Kardashian sex tape floating around, the era of private footage hitting the web scandalously is all but extinct.

These days, it's all about raw, deliberate, shameless exhibitionism.

Hirsch said he's “going to move forward and try to distribute” the video, and if he does, you can expect a host of other celebs following in her footsteps.

Desperate, X-rated footsteps ... but still. Intriguing.

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