Counting On Season 4 Trailer Teases Major Duggar Announcement

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Unlike members of the Duggar Family, who scarcely even look their partner in the eye until marital vows are exchanged, the following preview for Counting On Season 4 is just one big tease.

Counting On1

Yes, the 90-second trailer focuses a little bit on Jinger going into labor, making it clear just how scary of a process this was for the relatively new mother.

“I thought an epidural would probably be best because I was so at the end of anything I could do - I had no energy or strength to continue on," the 25-year old says in this sneak peek.

And, yes, we'll also see John David propose to girlfriend Abbie Burnett inside of an airport hangar... by reading his proposal off a long sheet of paper.

And there will be clips of Jana Duggar and family friend Laura DeMasie helping to coordinate the affair for 1,000 guests.

counting on 2

Elsewhere, you better there will be snippets of Josiah Duggar and wife Lauren flying off for a chaperone-free, romantic honeymoon in Austria, where they tour iconic sights from The Sound of Music and learn to speak some German.

However, the real drama comes toward the end of this teaser, where hear a producer ask various cast members:

What if I told you that somebody else in your family has a big announcement?

We then see each of their reactions.

Counting On1

"What do you mean?" aks Joy-Anna.

"Really?" replies Ben Seewald.

There's an audible WHOA! and then a producer says to Jana: "James was letting on that it was you.”

And she just giggles.

counting 4

For this reason, fans are wondering whether the major news is that Jana actually is courting after all, despite her recent denials.

It would be about time for the 28-year old, right?

Counting On returns February 11 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

Check out the enticing preview now!

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