Corey Rathgeber: In JAIL in Ecuador After Breaking Up with Evelin?!

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Even though Evelin Villegas and Corey Rathgeber reconciled last year, they have still had some bumps in the relationship.

It has been widely reported that Corey was arrested for violating COVID-19 restrictions. Now, he is speaking out.

Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas May Be Back Together

Just a quick reminder of where things stand: Corey and Evelin did reconcile despite their breakup last year that followed the filming of the Tell All.

Corey returned to Ecuador, and reports claim that the two are married -- not merely engaged.

Back in November, however, Corey was arrested on a DUI -- an unusual arrest for a Mormon and alarming for anyone.

Now, reports claim that Corey has been arrested in Ecuador after surfing after the curfew imposed during this global pandemic.

Corey on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

What's more is that fans are saying that they saw this news first from Evelin.

According to these reports, Corey and Evelin have broken up but were living in the house -- sheltering in place together.

Now would, obviously, be a terrible time for Corey to try to return home despite the allegedly failed marriage.

Well, now Corey has released a series of Instagram videos to respond to these claims -- and we have collated those videos for your convenience.

Corey Rathgeber Speaks

"So, I would like to address this topic about me apparently ending up in jail for surfing," Corey begins on his Instagram Stories.

"I don't know where all of these stories come from," he says, "to tell you the truth."

"But this one's a good one," Corey teases.

Corey and Evelin in San Francisco

"Apparently," Corey shares, "I was surfing and I ended up in jail."

"False, just so you know," he clarifies.

Corey adds that this is false "like a lot of other stuff that goes around about me and Evelin."

Evelin and Corey

"Check your facts and get better sources," Corey admonishes the outlets reporting that he was dragged off to jail for surfing.

He continues: "I know you get sources that are really 'close' to TLC."

"AKA, Laura," Corey accuses, "who is, like, the worst source on the planet for getting information."

Laura made so many claims, some of which were contradictory, that many fans believe that she may have a problem with compulsive lying.

Evelin at the Beach

"I actually haven't seen her in like three months, so," Corey shares.

Notably, Laura had moved to Ecuador after the Tell All, as she lost her residency and pension in the US.

"She was saying some other stuff, too," he says, "about me and Evelin's relationship."

"Once again, FALSE," Corey announces.

Corey and Evelin

"Me, and Evelin," Corey admits, "we go through some hard times."

"It happens," he acknowledges, claiming "just like [in] all relationships."

"But, current status: we're doing good," Corey reveals.

"I'm not in jail," he reiterates, "and things are good."

Evelin Villegas

To be fair, we have not heard Evelin's side of things.

But we have to say that it would be wildly odd for Corey to make false claims about his relationship status while living in the same house as Evelin.

She has access to the exact same internet and can always issue a rebuttal ... if she chooses.

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