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Earlier this year, Colt Johnson confessed to the camera that he cheated on Jess Caroline their entire relationship.

Naturally, part of his storyline on 90 Day: The Single Life involved confessing that to Jess herself.

Jess knew most of it, but she needed to hear it for herself from someone whom she would believe.

Now that The Single Life is airing on TLC for its second run, some viewers are seeing this mess for the very first time.

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Some of us are rewatching The Single Life, while others are seeing this mess play out for the first time.

We all knew that Colt was a cheater long before he ever divorced Larissa or met Jess Caroline.

But when Jess met him, she didn’t know that he was a "trash man" or a "liar." 

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Jess had received a warning from Colt’s ex-wife, Larissa Lima, warning her that Colt was a "demon."

But having been assured that Larissa was just his "crazy ex," she brushed off the warning.

Larissa had experienced Colt’s manipulations firsthand. But some lessons have to be experienced firsthand.

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In the episode of The Single Life that aired this week (Season 1, Episode 11), Colt met up with Jess.

They’ve both moved on — Colt dating Vanessa Guerra, Jess marrying Brian Hanvey.

But what Jess needs (and what the show needs to happen) is some closure … and a rare dose of honesty.

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As the four sit down for history’s most awkward double date, Colt comes clean.

He lied to Jess the entire time that the two were dating, even when he met her family in Brazil.

In particular, he lied to her about his relationship with Vanessa — and about loving her.

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Jess wants to hear what happened … but not from Colt.

He has lied to her so many times (and those are just the times that she knows about), at times seemingly without purpose.

From sending out his dick pics to everyone to boning Vanessa and beyond, she knows that he cannot be trusted.

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So Jess turns to Vanessa, as you can see in this clip, and asks her what happened.

Vanessa was Colt’s side piece and knew exactly what role she was playing, but it’s not like she was Jess’ friend.

With that in mind, Jess figures that if she can trust anyone sitting across from her, it has to be Vanessa.

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Vanessa acknowledges that she and Colt started "talking" while he was still married to Larissa.

(Colt infamously cheated via chat and photo swapping with Instagram side pieces during his marriage, but we now know that Vanessa was also in the picture)

However, Vanessa claimed to not be interested in dating him, and actually got with someone else.

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Unfortunately for Jess, Colt’s response to this was to get angry and to sleep with someone to make Vanessa jealous.

That someone whom he selected was Jess, whom he boned.

His gambit worked, and Vanessa could apparently no longer resist his … charm.

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Vanessa even offered up some painful specifics in a show of honesty.

She started taking Colt to pound town just one month into his relationship with Jess.

It was, they specified, kicking off around when he returned from visiting Jess in Chicago — and before he went to Brazil.

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Jess was horrified — just because she needed to hear this doesn’t mean that it wasn’t painful.

These days (spoiler alert) Colt and Vanessa are married following Colt’s on-screen proposal to Vanessa.

Their marital bliss was almost immediately marred by Colt flirting with female fans, but honestly, who was surprised by that?