Cersei Reads Actual Insults from The Bachelor

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Queen Cersei has a question for Ben Higgins:

Let's be honest, man. Who wants to f-ck a virgin?!?

Lena Headey appeared on Monday night as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, admitting that she has never tuned in to watch The Bachelor online or on television.

But that didn't mean she couldn't get into her beloved Game of Thrones character in order to read actual lines from Season 20 of the ABC reality sensation.

Along with the above insult, Headey (goblet of wine in hand, of course) did her best impression of Ben's various suitors from the past several weeks, reading lines about bad breath and boob jokes and, of course, "bitches."

Thanks to some leaked The Bachelor spoilers, we have a pretty strong idea of who will win Ben's heart this season... and even of who will be named The Bachelorette for this summer's edition of the program.

But can we stop for a moment and nominate Headey? As Queen Cersei, of course?

She's single. She's hilarious. She's mean. She's catty. She's always drunk.

She's perfect for the gig!

Check out Headey's hysterical Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance and impressions below and just try to disagree:

Lena Headey for The Bachelorette!!!!

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