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90 Day Fiance fans had already heard how obsessed Yazan was with Brittany’s body.

Their toxic relationship may have collapsed, but there was always the attraction.

Now, Brittany is making that clear in a brand new video uploaded for fans to see.

But … wait, they broke up a year ago. Did they get back together?

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"My recent visit to Jordan went like this! Omg!" Brittany Banks titled her YouTube video.

She uploaded it to the video hosting site less than a month ago.

The video description teased: "Brittany & Yazan’s secret life together."

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"Yazan and I create our first vlog together," the description reads.

"See what our chemistry is like off the show," she prompted.

"Do we kiss?" the description concluded. "And more!"

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Before we get to some of those answers … the video itself is odd.

It starts like a no-budget cooking show, where Brittany cooks while Yazan smokes.

(Indoors — I don’t care what country or time period it is, that’s just gross)

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Later in the video, we see Yazan and Brittany apartment hunting.

Apparently, they want a place for Brittany’s dog, Max, and for a second dog.

They are clearly shown to be making serious plans for the future.

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We also have to describe the tone of this video.

There are some perplexing audio choices.

And no, we don’t just mean that the mic was way too sensitive for the video that they were making.

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(Seriously, every time that glass and metal touch, you feel like covering your ears)

But Brittany has mixed in some, frankly, ominous music that you’d hear in an old movie before a car goes off of a cliff.

Though … we cannot think of a better analogy for her relationship with Yazan.

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But do they kiss? Yes.

There is much more to their obvious displays of affection than that.

Even outdoors, they make excuses for their faces to almost kiss.

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And behind closed doors?

Kissing is the least of it.

When Adam the translator said that Yazan was obsessed with Brittany’s body, he meant it.

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Even on camera, Yazan can barely keep his hands off of Brittany.

He comes up behind her and touches her waist, putting his arms around her.

If we hadn’t all seen for ourselves how toxic and alarming their relationship was, we’d call it sweet.

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And then there is the couch scene, where the PDA is dialed up.

They look so comfortable with each other … even when Yazan is openly groping Brittany’s breast.

Also, when he very audibly (remember how sensitive the mic was) smacks her in the butt.

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Comments on the video had fans buzzing.

"Are y’all married?" asked one commenter, who was "scared for the guy if his family sees this."

Wrote another: "Is this real and recent OMG I can’t believe it but I’m happy for you two."

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"We all knew Yazan couldn’t keep his hands off her," another observed.

But … what does the video mean?

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Brittany’s modest outfit is nothing new — she did adopt culturally appropriate attire last year while in Jordan.

For that and other reasons, fans believe that this video isn’t new.

After all, a trip to Jordan last year is still "recent." 

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Maybe Brittany just wanted to mess with fans. Maybe her channel needed a boost.

Or maybe she wanted Yazan’s new woman, Lulu, to know what the two of them really had together.

Petty motives or not, the girl deserves to know who she’s marrying.