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As teased in the video featured here, Bringing Up Bates is taking a break.

It’s just a little break.

And there’s a pretty huge silver lining attached to this break, which goes as follows:

Things are about to get passionate, intense and downright scary on upcoming episodes!

Carlin Bates Stewart and her husband, Evan, for example, are new parents.

They recently spoke at length about the health concerns facing their daughter.

However, back when these installments were filmed, Carlin and Evan were still expecting this child… while Tori Bates Smith and her husband, Bobby, were also expecting their second child.

In this riveting trailer, Carlin can be seen panicking and freaking out that something is wrong with her baby as her mom, Kelly Jo, comforts her.

And as her physician admits that not everything looks perfect with the fetus.

Elsewhere, the famous family welcomes home son Lawson from his three-month mission trip to the Philippines. The return is made into a pretty huge and celebratory deal.

Poor Trace is in a much worse spot, though, as she gets broken up with — and is forced to share all the details on camera.

Such is life for a reality television star, you know?

The season does also pick up in the spring, shortly after the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the nation and, just like everyone else in America, the Bates family is forced t odeal with the consequences.

Both personal and professional, that is.

How will the virus affect their local businesses?

That’s a question that will be tackled on many episodes this summer.

“It’s not even the same going into the boutique without you guys being here,” Whitney says during a video chat.

Finally, it seems random, but viewers will witness the whole family dressed up for a Roaring 1920s-themed party that appearas if it’s being held in some type of church fellowship hall.


We guess!

Photo via Instagram

The mid-season premiere of Bringing Up Bates airs July 23 on UPtv.

Watch the preview here!