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What did you do, bro?

Bradley Cooper looked like he was in the dog house on July 10th as he and girlfriend Irina Shayk watched Andy Murray play Milos Rionic during the Gentlemen’s Championships at Wimbledon.

Cooper, a massive tennis fan, was seen looking at the Russian model as if to say, "Really? We’re going to do this here?"

Meanwhile, Shayk wiped at her eyes and refused to look her beloved in the eyes.  Even when he cracked a smile.

It was super awkward, but not awkward enough for viewers at home to record!

"Bradley Cooper done f***ed up," one user Tweeted as he showed the video.

"I think Bradley Cooper is in a fight," another wrote.

Cooper, 41 and Shayk were among a star-studded crowd – including Benedict Cumberbatch, Hugh Grant and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – who watched Murray beat Rionic in a tiebreaker.

But who wants to watch tennis when there’s a real fight going on?

Another user wrote, "The best replay from #Wimbledon Bradley Cooper appearing to be in a fight with Irina Shayk during final."

Cumberbatch’s wife had the pleasure of sitting on Cooper’s other site, so you can only imagine what she overheard while trying to watch the match.

Soon-to-be former Prime Minister David Cameron was a few rows in front of them, but he was too far away to hear anything and therefore IS USELESS TO US.

Grant was actually a row behind Shayk, so many he was able to eavesdrop.

The Daily Mirror reports that Cooper’s ex, Suki Waterhouse was sitting nearby, so that explains a lot.

Things weren’t always this bad for Cooper and Shayk.

Just a few days ago, these two lovebirds watched the quarter-finals.  Shayk was seen playfully biting Cooper’s shoulders, he smiled.  It was great!

Cooper and the 30-year-old have been dating since April 2015.  Up until watching this video, I totally forgot they were together.