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If you’re a fan of the Comedy Central series Workaholics, then you know that Blake Anderson and his boys like to party.

And judging from his appearance on a local Cincinnati news program this morning, Anderson is a real method actor who devotes the bulk of his time off camera to researching the role of a man who’s perpetually effed-up and hates waking up before noon.

In fairness to Blake, it was 6 am on the West Coast when this clip was shot, and – as he points out – "the Warriors just won the f–king championship."

Granted, that happened two days ago, but sometimes parties just get out of control, ya know?

Due to his apparent fascination with breakfast foods, the Internet has been speculating that Anderson is stoned here, but we think he’s giving off more of a "still drunk from last night" vibe.

But hey, he could be both! Check out the video above and give us your two cents.

It doesn’t hold a candle to the finest Lindsay Lohan drunk interviews, but it’s still pretty entertaining.