Blac Chyna's Mom BEGS Rob Kardashian to Let Her See Dream

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Blac Chyna may be difficult to understand, but if you're familiar with Blac Chyna's mom, everything about her starts to make sense.

Just a few days ago, Chyna's mom took to Instagram to issue a desperate plea for Rob Kardashian to let her FaceTime with sweet baby Dream.

When he didn't oblige, she issued an angry threat to the entire Kardashian family. We have both videos here for you to watch.

Tokyo Toni

Tokyo Toni, whose real name is Shaman Jones-Hunter, is Blac Chyna's mother.

She and her daughter are clearly estranged. So much so that she has not seen her grandbaby, Dream.

"Hey, Rob," Tokyo says in an Instagram video, taking on the tone of leaving a voicemail. "This is me, Tokyo."

"Unfortunately," she continues. "Things still haven't changed since we last spoke."

"As far as Chyna is concerned," she laments. "Things still haven't gotten better since you told social media about it."

Rob with His Dream

"Is it any way possible," Tokyo asks. "That you could let me see Dream?"

Tokyo suggests that she could do this "through FaceTime or send me a video to my DM or anything."

"I don't even know how the baby sounds," Tokyo confesses.

"It's absolutely ludicrous," she says of the situation.

"But," she explains. "This is the only way I can get through to you."

Tokyo elaborates that she does not have any recent phone numbers.

Tokyo Toni on Her Grind Photo

That last-ditch effort to plead with Rob, who is not even on Instagram, to hook her up with a Dream video was not successful.

A few days later, she returned with another Instagram video, striking a much less congenial tone.

"This message," Tokyo shares. "Is for Chyna, Rob, Kris, Kim, and the rest of them weirdos in California."

So much for the last video's olive branch, huh?

"All you b--ches, all of y'all b--ches, can kiss my whole ass," Tokyo announces.

Dream Kardashian on the Swing

"I'm not gonna miss a motherf--king wink of f--king sleep," Tokyo informs them.

"I put my hand out there," Tokyo says. "I put my ass out there on the line to contact you sons of b--ches."

"And you all know," she accuses. "That I've been trying to see Dream and King."

"But guess what, b--ch?" Tokyo asks. "I give up!"

That's a hell of a twist for this very angry video to take.

Blac Chyna Lipgloss Be Poppin'

If her earlier video had the vibe of a voicemail, this follow-up has the feel of an aspiring Batman villain who's just taken their first hostages.

"But I'mma tell you this," Tokyo warns. "None of y'all's secrets are motherf--king safe with me, b--ch."

"Yeah," Tokyo continues. "I talked to Rob for a whole motherf--king year, bitch."

"But you could find it to make a phone call to me, Kris?" Tokyo asks.

It is clear that her intention is for Kris to toss and turn at night, unable to sleep, wondering what her useless idiot of a son blabbed to Chyna's mom.

"I'mma put all you b--ches out there, now," Tokyo promises.

Tokyo Toni Glam Photo

Blac Chyna's mom is a real piece of work, huh?

As the kids say, we been knew.

From her transphobic rant against Caitlyn Jenner to angrily announcing to Chyna that she was a "statutory rape baby," Tokyo says whatever she likes.

It really makes you understand why Chyna is the sort of person who might try to throw a stroller at a stranger at an amusement park.

It also makes you understand why she might not allow her children, Dream and King, anywhere near their maternal grandmother.

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