Blac Chyna: Down 51 POUNDS After Giving Birth to Dream!

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Blac Chyna ... well, to say she's had an event past few months would be a serious understatement.

Since November, she's given birth to her second child, she's broken up with Rob Kardashian, got back together with him, then broke up with him again.

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She allegedly got into a physical altercation with him, and there's a chance she could be rekindling their relationship to get more of that Kardashian money.

Chyna's had so many ups and downs recently, it's hard to keep track, but there's one thing about her that's just plain going down.

And that, friends, is her level of shame and self-respect.

Just kidding! We're talking about her weight.

Yes, even though she's been dealing with so much, she's still been able to focus on her goal of losing the weight she gained while pregnant with Dream.

When she gave birth, she was up to 192 pounds, but she said time and again that her goal was to get back down to 130.

As of right now, she's not there just yet.

But she's close. Tantalizingly close.

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Last night, she revealed that she's down to 141 pounds - that's 51 pounds lost since November, and just 11 more to go before she's at her goal weight.

But that's not all she revealed yesterday.

She also revealed THAT BODY.

She shared this saucy little video showing off her tiny waist, as well as that trademarked Blac Chyna booty. And girl is looking amazing.

See Chyna's progress in the video below:

Blac Chyna
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