Barbara Evans: David Eason Held Jenelle Prisoner!!!

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Oh Babs.

In a teaser for the upcoming episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans and her boyfriend, David Eason let his daughter and her son, Jace run around in the front yard unsupervised while they did God-knows-what in her bedroom.

All of a sudden, Babs pulled up and did NOT like what she saw.

Since the front door was open (by production, maybe?), Babs walked into the house and called out for Jenelle - hell, anyone over the age of 18 - to come out and explain why her grandson was playing out front with no one watching him.

"What the heck? You got all the kids outside. Nobody’s watching the kids,” Barbara said to Evans, who was on the other side of the bedroom door.

“Can somebody please open the door?”

"Leave me alone,” the mom-of-two was heard saying.

 “What do you got her imprisoned David?” Evans asked Eason

“She can’t come out of the room? If you think that Jace is going to stay here…” 

At that point, Eason came out of the bedroom with Kaiser.

“What is going on?” 

Eason, with an infuriating 'tude, informed Evans that her daughter didn't feel like talking.

“Yeah, why? Because you told her not to?” she pushed, really frustrated that no one bothered to explain why Evans wouldn't come out of the bedroom.

Eason locked the door from the inside, which set Evans off.

"You can leave if you are going to yell at me,” Eason warned Evans while still holding Kaiser.

 “You will leave,” he said. “You’re in my house."

Oh HELL no, Evans declared.

“You live here and she pays all the bills like every other guy?” 

Point: Babs

Eason then called the cops to have Evans removed from the house, which was caught on camera.

“He states that his girlfriend’s mother came to the house uninvited, screaming and yelling at him in front of the children and the subject in the house is Barbara Evans," a officer at the scene recalled.

Is Babs in the right?  Should Eason have called the cops on her?

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