Bam Margera Gets Sober, Buddies Up to Michael Lohan on Family Therapy

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The last time we heard from him, Bam Margera was getting beat up after trash-talking some random Europeans while on tour doing...whatever it is Bam Margera does on tour.

So when Bam popped up on the debut season of VH1's Family Therapy a few weeks ago, we weren't surprised to see that he's since admitted he has a problem with alcohol. We were a bit surprised by his choice of sober companion:

Yes, that's Bam bonding with Michael Lohan, which - fun fact - is actually far more dangerous than any stunt he ever pulled on Jackass.

Much of the the show is typical VH1 trainwreck-rubbernecking disguised as an earnest attempt to help some C- and D-listers battle their demons, and that's fine.

The insane relationship between Tiffany "New York" Pollard and her mother is enough to justify the series' existence.

But Margera and Lohan both take the show from typical guilty-pleasure reality TV to disturbing glimpse into the minds of some very troubled men.

Many fans have noted (with an upsetting amount of schadenfreude) that Bam no longer resembles the slender, energetic daredevil his fans knew and loved.

Lohan, on the other hand, is exactly as we remember him:

He's still terrorizing Dina Lohan, who, in turn is still lying about everything she can, including her well-documented habit of doing coke with her daughter.

We don't think VH1 bargained for quite this much sadness when they picked this roster of celebs. 

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