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Bam Margera may not be participating in many Jackass-style stunts these days, but from the looks of this video, he’s still living up to his nickname.

Bam was in Iceland over the weekend for the Secret Solstice Festival when an encounter with a popular Icelandic rapper (Yes, apparently there is such a thing.) turned ugly, leaving the skateboarder and former MTV personality unconscious on the floor.

Sources say Margera was "in a really weird condition" when he reportedly tried to force his way backstage at the event. Witnesses say he was turned down and responded by shouting obscenities at a pair of female employees.

A number of onlookers responded by getting physical with Bam, including rapper Gisli Palmi who can be seen landing a punch to Margera’s face in the clip above.

As you can see, Bam almost escapes the encounter, but after taking just a few steps, he falls and appears to be knocked out cold.

This is far from the first bizarre Bam moment in recent years. In addition to his exploits in the Jackass films and TV show, Bam called the 911 due to a naked, masturbating intruder back in 2012.

Margera reportedly suffered only minor injuries in his latest scrape. Sources say he’s pressing charges against Palmi.