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If you’ve been following The Bachelor Spoilers, you know who wins Colton Underwood’s heart and who flops.

But a number of fans were shocked, angry, and defensive at one contestant’s words.

Did Demi Burnett insult Colton Underwood, Tia Booth, Becca Kufrin, and Aly Raisman all in the same breath?

Demi Burnett Photo
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As Colton affirmed in a very recent interview, Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman was his first real love.

Some members of the Bachelor Nation and even the Bachelor Fam took issue with Demi Burnett’s words on this week’s episode of The Bachelor.


Because they interpreted what she said, as you can see in the video we included, as an attack on Aly.

Are they right? Was Demi badmouthing Aly (and Tia Booth)?

Let’s take a careful look at Demi’s words and find out.

Demi Burnett on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

"I think Colton will realize he needs a girl in his life that is more bold and confident," Demi said.

"And," she continued, she believes that Colton needs a girl who "will take a bit more of a dominant role."

"I think that Colton is looking for a girl that can take charge and take control," Demi speculated.

"Even if he, like, doesn’t know that he’s looking for that," Demi admitted. "I think that that’s what he needs."

That is arguably a little presumptuous or a little sexy.

But it’s not like she was telling the camera that she wants to peg him. So why were her words controversial?

Demi, 23
Photo via ABC

The controversy arose from what she said here:

"I totally think that Colton’s past relationships, they weren’t very aggressive girls," Demi characterized.

"They weren’t very dominant girls," she claimed. "And they didn’t work out for him for a reason."

"I’m the only one who challenges Colton," Demi stated.

"And," she concluded. "I excite him and I make him nervous."

Colton Underwood and Aly Raisman
Photo via Getty Images for FIJI Water

The Bachelor Nation did not like the sound of Demi’s words at all.

"Um… what does Demi know about his past relationships?" one fan asked.

The tweet continued: "publicly both Becca and Aly Raisman are amazing women that challenged him."

"Aly Raisman is a strong, dominant goddess," asserted another.

Yet another fan wrote: "Demi is clearly wrong af."

"Demi can’t say that Colton has never dated anyone as bold or confident as her," noted another.

That fan continued: "When Aly Raisman helped to take down one of the biggest sexual predators this world has ever seen."

Dr. Larry Nassar was sentenced to life in prison, and Aly was one of the women who bravely came forward to testify about his monstrous sexual predation.

Colton Underwood and Tia Booth, Throwback
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Tia Booth is Colton’s other most famous ex.

Taking to Twitter, she clapped back at the perceived insult.

"I scared him into dating me for 3 whole days," Tia said in response to Demi’s words.

"So," she continued. "Idk what’s more dominant than that."

That’s either a good point or a decent joke, but we’re not sure which.

Demi Burnett Smiles
Photo via Instagram

We do have to say that, perhaps, Demi was saying that she is the only one of the current contestants who challenges Colton.

That is not to say that we agree with her. That is just how we interpreted her meaning.

Demi is right that some people prefer more assertive guidance from their partners.

Others very strongly do not.

Assuming what another person needs is not always the wisest move.

Even so, Demi definitely made herself a little more interesting.

Villain or misunderstood, even if she doesn’t win Colton’s heart, she could end up being a hit with the Bachelor Nation.