Avery Mills Defends Omar Albakour in Unhinged Video: He's NOT Controlling!

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Monday night will show part one of the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Tell All special.

Avery Mills is getting ahead of whatever is about to air by offering a vigorous, if somewhat unhinged, defense of her husband, Omar Albakour.

Is she right? Is she a little bonkers? It's possible that both are true. Take a look:

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"Okay," Avery begins a series of Instagram Story videos. "I do have to say something."

"I don't usually respond to any comments," she admits. "But I hate when people say Omar is controlling."

"I'm sorry," Avery says sarcastically. "But Omar asking me not to dance in the streets because it's not normal is not being controlling."

"To be honest," she continues. "People have their preferences. If he doesn't want me dancing in the streets ..."

She then zooms in on her face, saying to trust her, that, they "do enough dancing at home."

Avery and Omar

"For two," Avery continues in a subsequent video shared to her Instagram Story.

"For someone to say that Omar does not love me," she insists. "Does not know Omar."

Avery expresses: "He is the most loving person, ever."

She then suggests that she may be able to zero in on exactly what makes some viewers so suspicious of Omar.

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"Yeah," she admits. "He's shy."

"He's shy when he's getting recorded for international TV shows," Avery points out.

"I bet a lot of people would be more shy, too," she predicts.

But Avery has moe to say than just defending Omar's demeanor and what some saw as controlling behavior.

She also takes the opportunity to sing her man's praises.

Avery on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days

"You know," she says. "Get you a man who sings ... to you."

Avery also recommends a man "that plays with your hair any time."

"That spoils you," she continues. "With love, with, you know, anything that you want."

"Get you someone who will protect you at all costs," Avery suggests.

"And maybe," she says up close to the camera. "You'll know how much Omar loves me."

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"And last but not least," Avery concludes.

"If you don't like me," she says, while facing off screen. "Then that's a personal problem."

Throughout the entire video, she is going out of her way to emote more than necessary.

For dramatic effect, she moves the camera close to and away from her face at odd moments.

The effect of her Instagram Stories, whether you agree with her message or not, is unlikely to impress.

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If you're wondering why Avery comes across as a little batty and immature here, keep in mind that she's, well, 19. Maybe 20.

And while she's certainly not too young to choose her religious faith, her age has brought up other concerns.

She may be an adult, but how young is too young to get married?

Most people feel that 19 qualifies.

That said, some critics of her romance with Omar have less to do with maturity concerns and more to do with straight-up Islamophobia.

Fans of the couple will be pleased to know that it appears that the two are still married. We'll know more on Monday night's Tell All, Part 1.

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