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Last year, Kris Jenner made her music video debut in Ariana Grande’s "Thank U, Next" music video.

Her small but pivotal role in the video was an absolute surprise. It was also a delight.

Now, Keeping Up With The Kardashians is giving the world a behind-the-scenes look as Kris prepares — featuring Ariana herself.

Ariana Grande and Kris Jenner

Last year, just weeks after breaking off her engagement with Pete Davidson, Ariana launched "Thank U, Next."

The music video contained homages to a number of classic films, including Mean Girls.

One of the most famous and beloved scenes in Mean Girls was when Amy Poehler’s character (one of the best moms in film history) dances in the audience.

Kris is of course the star of the "you’re doing amazing, sweetie" meme, which has often been viewed as a parallel to that scene.

Thanks to Ariana’s brilliance, she decided to combine the two by bringing in the legendary Kris Jenner. The results were amazing.

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"The fires are still burning in Calabasas, but the show must go on," Kris tells the camera in this sneak peek.

Sunday’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians will give viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at Kris’ process.

Now that she’s reminded viewers of the timing of this, she provides further context.

"It’s the day of the shoot," Kris shares. "And I feel really excited to go make my Ariana Grande video debut."

That excitement only mounts when Ariana herself arrives.

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Kris Jenner and Ariana Grande are two of the most famous (non-politician) Slytherins on the planet.

Seeing them side-by-side is a real treat.

As part of complimenting each other’s looks, Kris mentions Ariana’s lips.

"She walked in with a Kylie box, like this big," Ariana says, referring to Kylie Cosmetics products.

"I literally started crying my eyes out," she reveals. "And I put everything on"

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The biggest treat in this sneak peek, for viewers, has to be Ariana walking Kris through how to dance.

Any Millennial would know the dance, and the homage, from Mean Girls.

(At least, the ones born from like 1985 to 1992 would)

Ariana coaches Kris, and watching them in action is just a trip. Kris should always dance in every episode.

But, as Ariana explains, she’s making references to other films, too.

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Ariana tells Kris about the homages and sets that she has for the video.

We’re talking Legally Blonde, 13 Going On 30, and Bring It On.

The cultural impact of these films cannot be overstated.

Of course, the same can be said of Ariana herself — and of course, of Kris Jenner.

"Guys," Ariana gushes. "I’m so excited to make my Keeping Up with the Kardashians debut!"

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We may be occupying a world of nightmares where every day’s news cycle brings some new horror … but it’s not all bad.

We also live in a world that gave us a collaboration between Kris and Ariana.

It’s been amazing to see these two titans of the entertainment industry work together to create something so mesmerizing and entertaining.

We know that Khloe’s drama is taking center stage this season.

But it’s going to be nice to see Kris’ adventures behind the scenes with Ariana.