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Anthony Weiner is gross. That is not new information.

Last year, it came out that his latest sexts had been directed at a minor — a 15-year-old girl. That was next-level disgusting.

Well, in the video that you’ll see below, that 15-year-old girl is showing her face to the public for the first time. And this story is a little complicated, because it seems like she wanted this to happen.

Anthony Weiner 2013 Museum of Tolerance
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Reputable members of the psychiatric community might not consider "Sex Addiction" to be a real thing, but it’s clear that Anthony Weiner has some issues.

Some would say that he has impulse-control issues, and they wouldn’t be wrong.

But others point the blame at a famous man abusing his position and his fame and the patience of his wife simply because he can.

That’s not a psychiatric ailment, that’s just being a creepy douchebag.

Whatever the reason, Anthony Weiner went from being a dick to his wife by sharing his dick with other women to being irredeemable scum.

Because Anthony Weiner started sexting with a minor. Just because it was over the phone doesn’t make it okay.

Oh, and he tainted the 2016 election in the process, as if the decades of anti-Hillary rhetoric and the year being cursed to its core needed any help plunging the US into years of madness.

Anthony Weiner is Sweating
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Now, before we get into this girl — whom we will leave unnamed, because she’s 15 — we need to make something clear:

Even if she was fishing for sexting messages from Anthony Weiner, that in no way excuses him.

(Legally, there are entrapment laws when law enforcement is involved — though even then, if someone’s willing to go along with a fake plan to blow up a bridge, should those people really be running around free?)

You probably remember a brief note about how the minor whom Anthony Weiner had been sexting had been deliberately baiting him.

It’s a difficult topic to address, because there are so many angles.

Anthony Weiner Smirks
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She’s a minor, and we never want to blast a minor for doing awful stuff, because they’re

And, indisputably, Anthony Weiner was the villain here.

In terms of this girl’s intentions, though, it looks like her desire to expose a sexual predator wasn’t to get that fiend off of the streets.

Even in the short Inside Edition preview video below, the girl name-drops Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton’s aide, Huma Abedin is a political staffer and an extraordinarily accomplished woman.

She is also Anthony Weiner’s long-suffering wife.

(She was, anyway — Huma Abedin finally filed for divorce)

It sounds like the reason that this girl targeted Anthony Weiner, of all of the compulsive pervs out there, was to sabotage Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

You might think "but the husband of her aide … he had nothing to do with her campaign."

But you’d be forgetting that 2016 was a very strange time and a very contentious election where facts didn’t seem to matter, but inflammatory associations did.

Anthony Weiner Enters Court
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From this video, we don’t know that this girl is specifically a Trump supporter.

When she started messaging Anthony Weiner, the GOP still had an array of hopeful candidates. Maybe this girl thought that she was helping Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz win the Presidency.

(That’s still not a good thing, but … yeah)

We have to wonder if she’ll comment on how it feels that, by getting Anthony Weiner busted for sexting her, she got a man who famously bragged about sexual assault elected to the White House. Trump is also notorious for walking into beauty pageant changing rooms simply because he owns them.

Anyway, she’s still 15. We look forward to finding out what she thinks about all of this when she’s 20 or 25. You can gain a lot of wisdom before adulthood.

Though, again, Anthony Weiner is a creep and that lack of wisdom that 15-year-olds have is exactly why you’re not allowed to send them pictures of your dick.