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It’s been almost six months since Chris Larangeira filed for divorce from Angelina Pivarnick.

At first, the exes did a surprisingly good job of keeping the details of their split under wraps.

Of course, Angeliners has never been the type to keep a secret for long.

So it should come as no surprise that she’s spilling all the tea about her breakup on the current season of Jersey Shore.

In this preview clip for tomorrow night’s episode, Angelina opens up to Deena Nicole Cortese about her alleged affair with Luis “Potro” Caballero.

Angelina and Luis met while they were both in Spain filming a reality star competition show called All-Star Shore.

(The show is currently airing on Paramount+. Yes, MTV and its parent company are dishing up more Angelina than you can handle these days!)

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Luis stars on a show called Acapulco Shore, which is a Mexican Jersey Shore spinoff.

So the guy pretty much owes Angeliners his career.

The least he can do is take her to the smush room, right?

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Well, according to Pivarnick, that’s not how things played out.

For months, it was rumored that Angelina and Luis hooked up, Chris found out about, and that’s what led to the divorce.

Last week’s Shore seemed to corroborate that version of events, as Angelina returned from Spain only briefly before jetting off to Mexico to spend more time with Caballero.

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It’s hard to imagine a set of circumstances that could’ve made Angelina look more guilty.

But while telling her side of the story to Deena, Pivarnick insisted that she and Caballero never had sex.

“So new Year’s was coming, I knocked on that door and I said, ‘Hey, what happened to the plans you were going to make for New Years?’ He said, ‘I don’t know. What do you wanna do?'” she told her friend.

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“No sex, no nothing. He didn’t even know about the f—ing kid Luis, because, no, I didn’t say anything to him.”

In a confessional segment, Angelina doubled down on her earlier claim that Chris was a negligent partner.

“Chris was just not giving me anything. How much more can somebody take? How much more can somebody take, really?” she explained.

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“I don’t even care if it was a reservation for f—ing McDonalds, I don’t even care if he was bringing me to f—ing Burger King. I didn’t care as long as he took initiative, I would have been like, ‘Wow, that’s awesome,” Angelina continued.

“At that point, I was like, ‘F–k him.'”

Angelina went on to claim that while their relationship was never physical, Luis offered her something she needed:

Chris Larangeira and Angelina Pivarnick on MTV

“Luis, I have to say, meeting him opened my eyes up to a different world,” she said in a confessional.

“He helped my mind realize that I’m worth more.”

And when Deena asked point-blank if she and Luis ever hooked up, Angelina once again stuck to her guns:

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“I swear to god, we didn’t do anything,” Pivarnick insisted.

“We cuddled, it was something I’ve never had, I felt very loved.”

Naturally, the preview clip concludes with Angelina receiving a call from Luis.

They might not have hooked up yet at that point — but something tells us that wasn’t the case for very long!