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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Whatever they’re paying Shaun Robinson can’t be enough.

90 Day Fiance villain Angela Deem is one of the most polarizing members of the cast in the franchise’s history.

On the latest episode of Bares All, she spoke about her plans for more surgery, her relationship with Michael, and more.

She also flashed the camera, and the man operating the camera.

On this weekend’s episode of 90 Day Bares All, Shaun Robinson complimented Angela Deem’s new look.

(Please keep in mind that Shaun has very little control over what she says or asks on these shows)

Angela revealed that though she looks different than she did many months ago on the Tell All, her weight is the same.

Photo via Discovery+

She offered the detail that she has put on muscle, which is more compact than fat but also is heavier.

In her opinion, it looks better.

When you compare this to her look on the Tell All, it is difficult to disagree.

Angela Deem tells Michael she will live her own life and flirt and get attention

Of particular concern for Angela are her breasts.

Right now, she says, they are looking much better.

According to her, Michael Ilesanmi — her husband, who remains in Nigeria — is eager to suck them.

Angela inflicted this nightmare fodder upon us and upon Shaun Robinson.

She joked that she would deny him the opportunity.

(Meanwhile, we’re all getting flashbacks of Michael describing nursing on his mother until he was 9 years old)

Michael Ilesanmi - I breastfed 'til I was about nine years old

We’re not saying that a psychoanalytical model for human behavior is an accurate one.

But … Michael nursing and playing with his mother’s breasts until he was 9 might explain some things.

He has a sizable age gap with Angela (though, despite appearances, it’s only by about 20 years or so).

Shaun asked Angela if she plans to get any additional work done, in terms of cosmetic surgery.

Angela does, in fact, plan to go under the knife again.

She has remaining pockets of loose skin, though curiously she did not single out her neck for the procedure.

Photo via Discovery+

Angela noted that she has excess skin on her arms and lower abdomen and her thighs which must be removed.

(There is no exercise in the world that will magically make extra skin go away)

When Angela spoke of the extra skin on her thighs, however, she decided to show everyone what they were.

In the process, Angela flashed Shaun, the camera, and the camera operator behind it.

Bares All airs on Discovery Plus and can show content that TLC never could.

Mercifully, however, they blurred out what Angela exposed to the world.

Angela Deem flips off Michael Ilesanmi at the Tell All Part 2

To her credit, she did apologize.

She told people to not worry, and her words were somewhat jumbled … but she may have referred to her "granny crotch."

Some fans have speculated that she used a less polite word instead, but that’s unclear.

Angela Deem smokes outside of the Tell All with Skyla nearby

Incidentally, Angela also offered an explanation of her off-the-walls and aggressive behavior at the Tell All (as if that were surprising coming from her).

She claimed that she was tired and on pain meds from her recent surgery, and even acted embarrassed by her behavior.

If Angela has a sense of shame, this may be the first time that we’ve seen any sign of it. Interesting development.