Molly Roloff Makes Rare Visit Home For Holidays! [Photos]

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Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff is a grandmother, and not every member of her family lives close to home.

Daughter Molly Roloff visited the family farm last October.

Now, Amy has shared rare photos from Molly's more recent visit over the holidays.

Amy Roloff and Molly Roloff, Christmas 2018

Amy Roloff shared a series of snaps with her fans and followers, featuring her lovely daughter, Molly.

Molly doesn't live on or even near Roloff Farms, so visits from her are a real treat for the family.

"It was so wonderful to have my daughter Molly and Joel visiting," Amy gushes on Instagram.

Amy writes that Molly visited "for the week over the Christmas New year holiday."

"See you again soon Molly girl," Amy concludes.

She left the photos for fans to enjoy.

Molly Roloff Holds Baby Jackson

The vast majority of Amy's fans heaped praises onto the photos.

"You have such a beautiful family," writes one fan. "Nice to see your family together."

"Miss seeing Molly on the show," comments another followers. "She’s such a sweet girl."

A sweet girl who has her own life these days, of course.

"AAW! it's so nice to see molly with you home again for the holiday amy!!" expresses another. "God Bless!"

"Molly," writes another, pushier fan. "It is your turn for a baby now."

Guys, babies don't come in "turns." They're expensive, time-consuming, and 100% optional.

Amy Roloff Snaps Selfie with Molly Roloff and Chris Marek

We said that most of Amy's fans had positive comments.

Unfortunately, some were very negative.

"You should not do close-ups of you with people in the background," insisted one commenter. "It is so not flattering and you always do it!"

First of all, this is just a rude thing to say to someone. Don't bark orders at people on how they take selfies.

Second of all, and we hate that we have to spell this out, but Amy is shorter than most adults.

She takes photos like this out of necessity, because otherwise group selfies would require a step-ladder.

Think before you comment, jerks.

Amy Roloff with Molly Roloff and Jacob Roloff

Others took aim at Molly posing with Amy's boyfriend, Chris Marek.

"I worked hard on my marriage to stay married for 30 years," one woman rages.

"My beautiful kids who are now grown and some married hate the show after the divorce,"the same commenter continues.

"The kids told my husband and I that if we were to ever divorce they would not allow another man or women on our 50 acres of land!" the fan insists.

She concludes: "It’s for Family ONLY!"

That woman clearly has some issues that she has passed down to her children.

In real life, divorced couples date and even remarry. That's life.

Rare Roloff Pic

Thankfully, Amy had her defenders against the people who tried to shame her.

"I doubt Amy FORCES Molly to do anything she does not want to do..." pointed out one fan.

That comment continued: "She is a grown women she does what she wants just because you don't like it really DOSENT matter."

"For Gods sake," exclaimed another follower. "Leave people alone you don’t walk in their shoes so how do you know their family."

That's good advice.

"Mind your own business," Instructed another fan. "And if you dont like her unsubscribe."

That is great life advice right there.

The rest of us will just continue to wait for Little People, Big World to come back and wonder what the future holds.

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