Amber Portwood Breaks Down on Teen Mom OG: Watch

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OK, look, Amber Portwood has gone through some hard times and done some bad things, that's undeniable.

She grew up with an unstable family, she suffers from several mental illnesses, she was seen on national television assaulting her boyfriend, she's been in prison ...

Amber Portwood Pre-Pink Hair

There's a lot going on with her, and there always has been.

But, for better or for worse, for the past few years she's been trying to do better, to get back on a good path in life.

And that's why it's so hard to see her suffering so much in this sneak peek from next week's new episode of Teen Mom OG.

In the clip, it's almost Christmastime, and Amber is out and about with Matt Baier and her daughter, Leah.

Amber asks Leah about what she's been doing to get ready for the holiday, then asks her if she makes ornaments at school.

Leah and Amber Pic

She asks her to make one for her, but Leah tells her that they're only making one it art class, and that one will go on the tree at Gary Shirley's house, since he has primary custody and his home is Leah's home.

Amber starts to get upset, telling her "I need one too" and asking "What about me? Doesn't Mommy matter?"

Yeah, it's pretty hard to watch.

Leah tries to smooth the situation over, telling her that she'll bring the ornament to her house next year, but the damage is done.

Amber Portwood in a Christmas Photo

Amber starts crying and grabbing Matt, who tries to comfort her as best he can in the awkward situation (and while driving).

Leah eventually notices and asks her about it, but Amber tells her she has an eyelash in her eye.

It's tough, because on one hand, of course it must be hard for Amber to have all these little reminders that she doesn't have custody of her daughter.

But on the other hand, there has to be a better way to handle it than by asking your 8-year-old "Doesn't Mommy matter?"

Watch the upsetting clip in the video below:

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