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Alex Boye has become the latest person to go viral with a Shake It Off rendition.

But this one was pretty darn unique.

Performing on America’s Got Talent, the contestant said his dream is to “absolutely slay it” with the group he brought on stage, explaining how he likes to put an “African twist” on certain pieces of music.

And that’s exactly what he does to this Taylor Swift smash.

"In my six years here, this is my favorite music act ever. It really is," Howie Mandel gushed after the audition concluded.

Boye already has a strong YouTube following and has done his fair share of professional gigs over the last two decades, but we have a feeling his future will be even brighter moving forward now.

Check out his fun performance above and then also watch Arielle Baril in operatic action so you can understand why she earned Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer.