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American Idol is back on the air.


American Idol allegedly just aired its best audition of all-time.

Such a distinction went to Alejandro Aranda on Wednesday night, who explained to the judging panel he had taught himself to sing, play guitar, and play piano … starting at age 20.

And he wasn’t exactly a slouch, either.

Aranda proceeded to play an original song, showing off maybe just an above average vocal range — but a truly shocking mastery of guitar. Especially for someone who is self-taught.

Lionel Richie was blown away by Alejandro, asking him to show off his piano skills as well. And… boy… did he not disappoint with this instrument, either!

From there, it was Luke Bryan’s turn to be speechless for a minutes by the spectacle before him, prior to declaring that he was in the presence of greatness… and that he didn’t even want to see anybody after Alejandro.

Katy Perry? She said she quit. She didn’t even know how to properly grade what she had just witnesed.

Was this all a tad much?

Did the panelists gush and gush and gush just to make headlines such as the one we went ahead and wrote above?


But Alejandro Aranda really was astounding.

Check out the video featured here to see for yourself!