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Alana Thompson, AKA Honey Boo Boo, AKA the spawn of Mama June and Sugar Bear, has a sad, sad story to tell.

She’s been back in the spotlight since her mother, Mama June Shannon, got herself a brand new television show to document her transformation.

Boo Boo Honey
Photo via TLC

June, as you know, has been flaunting her incredible weight loss on WE tv and the Internet in general over the past couple of weeks.

The finale of Mama June: From Not to Hot airs tomorrow night, so June and Alana have been making the rounds, doing interview after interview.

And in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Alana reveals that she’s been body-shamed by her own father.

How could you, Sugar Bear?!

Seriously, after taking Alana to a restaurant and letting her order literally every dessert on the menu, how could you?

Alana says that she was talking to her dad on the phone when he mentioned he needed to mow his lawn.

Shannon, June Photo
Photo via WE tv

She offered to do it for him if he had a riding lawn mower, but the redneck ursine specimen responded by telling her the following:

"You’re gonna need a push mower ’cause it couldn’t hurt."

Look, if he thinks Alana needs to lose weight, well, fine.

He can provide her with a different diet. He could offer to do some fun physical activities with her. Or just make the point gently.

Making remarks like that don’t help anyone, and at 11, Alana’s at a particularly sensitive age to hear that kind of body-shaming.

Sugar Bear should be ashamed of himself, honestly.

Alana Thompson Pic
Photo via YouTube

Not that we expect him to feel too bad about it.

Seeing as how he apparently doesn’t have much to do with his daughter anymore, he’s probably not all that capable of feeling shame.

See the sad interview in the video below: