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Sometimes we like to indulge ourselves with a professional photoshoot.

And if we’re really feeling it, we’ll share those photos on Instagram so that them haters will be all "whaaaaaat?"

Teen Mom 2’s Adam Lind (Chelsea Houska’s ex and baby daddy) loves to stir the pot on his Instagram page, and has made a habit out of blaming editing and the media for making him out to be a villain.

If Andy Cohen has taught us one thing, it’s to never blame editing.

On an upcoming episode (airing Monday night at 10 on MTV), Houska showed her friend Lind’s photos.

"Did you see his pictures he got professionally done?" Houska asked?

The girls studied the photo of Lind, who stood naked as a lady’s hands covered his privates.

"Whose hands are those?" the friend asked.

"Probably one of his girlfriends?  Would you want to bang this?" Chelsea asked (she already had, so I imagine she was asking it rhetorically) 

"I feel dirty looking at it."

The photo is one of a series taken six months ago for a South Dakota gym Lind trains at.

"Well I tried to copy the Adam levine photo…can’t wait for the shit talking!" Lind wrote, baiting the peanut gallery to come out and give him a what-for.

Watch the video below.