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It doesn’t take much to set Jenelle Evans off.

In fact, we’re pretty sure she splits custody of her two sons with as many people as possible just so that she has more targets for her psychotic rage.

Just kidding, the courts made her do that because she’s a terrible mom.

Anyway, in a new clip from the upcoming episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle absolutely flips the f–k out, as is her wont, all because her son Kaiser’s hair is so infinitesimally shorter that someone had to point it to her, or she probably wouldn’t have noticed.

You may remember Nathan Griffith’s girlfriend, Jessica Henry, from the time that Jenelle got arrested for assault after throwing a glass at her.

We know it’s tough to keep track of all of Jenelle’s assault victims, but apparently Jessica has reached full-blown mortal enemy status, and Jenelle is pissed – pissed! – to find that she might have taken a few centimeters off of her son’s bangs.

"I’m changing my number right now, and if you want to see Kaiser, you can take me to court for visitation," she screams at Nathan…while driving…with her kid in the car. 

The Jenelle-Nathan custody battle is still going on so we assume she’s really holding a grudge over that possible haircut.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more of Jenelle at her most psychotic.