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Abby Lee Miller got into an epic screaming match with Kira Girard this week, as you know all too well if you watch Dance Moms online.

The Lifetime star also took her top off for some reason in the midst of all the arguing and yelling at the irate mother of Kalani Hilliker.

Kira Girard and Abby Lee Miller got into it after the ALDC came up short and the moms got on Abby’s case to offer more training.

Abby responded by telling the moms they were "overstepping," but was clearly emotional as the children came over to give her hugs.

She willingly accepted embraces from dancers Maddie Ziegler, Mackenzie Ziegler and Kendall Vertes, but shunned Kalani Hilliker.

That sent Kira through the roof.

"Abby, I don’t know why you would ask the other girls to walk away from you … Don’t you dare try to make my child look like that!" Kira said.

Abby responded by telling Kira her kid would “rather be with any other mother here than with you,” after which s–t REALLY went down.

According to Kira, the Dance Moms star was “kicked out” and only returned briefly (sans top) to pick up some items before peacing out.

Abby will be back, of course, despite professing that she might not be in the video above (scripted much). Still, Kira took to Twitter:

  • Good thing Abby got kicked out cause it was literally her or we were walking NO ONE will EVER disrespect my child like that EVER
  • You just met ur match no fame is worth disrespecting my child! @23kalani has given up tons to b here I’ll put my foot down now! @DanceMoms