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Last night on Dance Moms Season 5 Episode 25, the girls’ parents pushed Abby Lee Miller for even more classes after the unthinkable occurred:

The talented ALDC team lost two competitions in a row!

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If you watch Dance Moms online regularly, you know:

  • That Abby Lee Miller does not like f–king losing;
  • That she didn’t get this far in her life by losing;
  • That her ego has gotten out of control lately as the fame goes to her head and spreads herself too thin, making losing more likely.

Naturally, stubborn Abby refused to take responsibility for the girls’ lack of training, which meant Kira Girard taking matters into her own hands.

Kalani’s mom did this by bringing in outside help.

Naturally, this absolutely outraged Abby Lee.

Miller told the moms they were "overstepping" their boundaries before breaking down into tears. At that point, the girls approached to hug her.

Abby willingly accepted embraces from dancers Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler and Kendall Vertes, but shunned three of her young charges.

When Kira Girard saw that her daughter, Kalani, was denied a hug – Abby loves to play favorites like it’s her f–king job – she lashed out.

"Abby, why would you ask the other girls to walk away … they support you just as much. Don’t you dare try to make my child look like that!"

Abby responded by telling Kira her kid would “rather be with any other mom here than with you.” Kira did not take kindly to that whatsoever.

How did she respond to that epic diss?

You gotta watch it go down above, ’cause the tension was just out of control this week at the ALDC, even by Dance Moms standards.