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More than a month ago, Aaron Carter revealed that he is ready to share his truth about Michael Jackson.

Initially, Aaron had put Jackson’s accusers on blast. Only recently did he hint that he has his own story to tell.

In a new clip, Aaron accuses Michael of doing "something inappropriate."

Aaron Carter Cries
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So Aaron Carter will appear on WEtv’s Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars Family Edition, which continues to be a major mouthful.

In a newly released clip, Aaron speaks out about his experience with the controversial late King of Pop.

"Michael was a really good guy, okay?" Aaron begins in the short video.

Aaron does show that he has learned his lesson since earlier this year.

Instead of claiming virtiual omniscience over someone else’s character, Aaron wisely adds: "As far as I know."

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"Really good guy," Aaron reiterates.

"He never really, like …" he continues. "He never did anything inappropriate."

"Except," Aaron reveals. "For one time."

He adds: "There was one thing that he did that was a little bit inappropriate."

That is, unfortunately, where this clip ends — which makes it a very serious teaser for the show.

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Leaving Neverland was a recent, harrowing documentary about Michael Jackson’s alleged sex crimes against minors.

Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who had previously defended Michael against the allegations when they were younger, came forward.

They related truly horrifying recollections of grooming behavior along with very explicit sex acts.

They spoke of financial manipulation of their families and how they were rewarded for alleged encounters with the late singer.

Even people who had defended Jackson in the past began to see the once-beloved singer in a new, grim light.

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Initially, Aaron Carter was furious that his name was brought up in the conversation.

See, he had been close with the late King of Pop.

There had been rumors during his teenage years that he was one of Michael Jackson’s alleged victims.

Aaron lashed out Robson and Safechuck in defense of Michael Jackson.

But in April, he changed his tune, and hinted that he had an anecdote to share … but not yet.

And now, it appears that he’s ready to tell the world about his own experience.

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So … real talk.

Aaron Carter has had a very difficult life. Mental and physical health issues in adulthood were preceded by childhood stardom.

(Many longtime fans believe that his family — and namely, his parents — did more harm than good)

It’s great to see him getting therapy and getting work, even if it’s a little odd to see him get both in the form of a reality show.

Life is weird like that.

But … when the full video airs, what should we expect him to say?

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We have to say that, were Aaron planning to tell the camera that he had a similar experience to Robson or Safechuck, he would use different phrasing.

Some people may defend those who preyed upon them, but you wouldn’t call an adult performing sex acts upon a child "a little bit inappropriate."

Our guess is that Aaron is going to tell a story of what people might consider a red flag.

But it will probably pale in comparison to the bone-chilling stories that we’ve heard.

That’s our expectation. But hey, we could always be wrong.

Either way, we wish Aaron Carter the best. Whatever may have happened, it was not his fault.