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Like fellow 90 Day Fiance stars Larissa and even Asuelu, Leida arrived at what’s to be her new home and declared that the place sucks.

But so far, we’ve only seen glimpses of her disappointment and disgust upon arriving at Eric’s apartment.

Now, in this sneak peek video, we see Leida’s full reaction to Eric’s home. This is not for the faint of heart.

Eric and a Disappointed Leida

"What?!" Leida Margaretha exclaims upon entering Eric Rosenbrook’s home. "Awwww."

Her disappointment is palpable. There’s strain in her voice, as if she might cry.

Eric immediately places the blame for the state of his apartment on his adult daughter.

"I leave, what, for one week?" Eric says. "And this is what happens to the place?"

There are dishes in the sink, laundry is in a basket, and a lot to be desired.

Leida is Unhappy

Unless there was something not shown in the video, his 19-year-old daughter didn’t really make it that messy.

(We have a minor conspiracy theory about this, in fact, which we’ll get into below)

But Leida is accustomed to a spacious home with a cleaning staff. This, to her, is a nightmare.

"It’s such a mess here," Leida laments. "Really, like …"

"Yeah, well, that’s Tasha," Eric says, possibly hoping to endear himself to his fiancee by throwing his daughter under the bus.

90 Day Fiance Eric And Leida See A Mess

"I told her to clean up," Eric laments.

"It’s not even clean!" Leida exclaims. "So she left, like, this …" she then lets out an exhasperated sigh.

"It’s such a mess," Leida rants. "Garbage everywhere, and dirty dishes. Leftovers.

Eric sounds a little defensive, saying: "I’m trying to teach her to wash your dishes when you’re done and put them away."

"What is this?" Leida asks at the refrigerator.

Eric replies: "fridge."

Leida says "ewww" as soon as she opens it, closing it immediately. "I am pissed already."

Eric Rosenbrook

Speaking directly to the camera, Eric sounds much more chill about the state of the apartment.

"She was upset," Eric admits. "There’s gonna be things that she has to get used to that are going to cause frustration in the beginning."

"Hopefully," Eric says. "She’ll have some time to process the apartment."

For her part, Leida has a theory.

"I think that she left this mess in this place on purpose," Leida reveals.

"So," she continues. "It makes me feel less excited to be here and to meet her."

Leida Margaretha

Then the tour goes to Eric’s room — which is supposed to become Leida’s room, too.

This is something that Eric cannot blame on Tasha.

The room is small, which is to be expected. It’s not a penthouse — it’s just an apartment.

But what really catches Leida’s surprise is the bed. It’s a tiny sliver of a mattress that frankly looks too small to be comfortable for one adult.

Leida, Eric, and Leida’s 5-year-old son all need a place to sleep, and Leida admits that she feels like Eric lied to her.

Leida and Eric

So, a few things.

One, if you’re moving somewhere, ask for photos or even a video tour of the place where you’ll be living.

Two, Tasha has zero motivation to tidy up. Her dad is asking her to move out on her own at 19, in this economy.

A lot of kids feel pushed to the side if a parent remarries, but Tasha is literally getting kicked out of the house.

Leida’s thinking about her first impression of Tasha — but maybe she should consider how Eric’s teenage daughter views this upheaval.

90 Day Fiance - Eric And Leida

As we mentioned, the place isn’t that messy.

(Like, I like things to be very tidy, but that’s a mess that be cleaned up in 10 minutes, maybe followed by vacuuming)

And it’s not clear that Tasha made things that way.

Obviously the crew from the show was in the apartment before Eric and Leida (to film them opening the door).

Is it possible that one of the producers spent five minutes making things less tidy to make a mess?

We hate to sound like conspiracy theorists, but that mess looks almost staged.