90 Day Fiance Recap: Larissa Makes Colt's Mom Cry

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90 Day Fiance aired its new episode, and most of the engaged couples are now together.

We'll talk about all of the couples and where they are.

But the couple that really stole the show was Colt and Larissa after Larissa made Colt's mom break down into tears. Watch:

Colt's Mom Cries

Colt and Larissa's scene was so much that we've included a video clip.

90 Day Fiance fans have already seen Larissa complain about everything, from the desert heat (reasonable) to Colt's lack of flowers (less reasonable).

Seriously, Larissa acted like Colt showing up to greet her without flowers was like showing up without shoes on.

Now, they got to see her sit down for her first meeting with Colt's mother.

The earliest trailers showed Colt as being a mama's boy. He lives with his mother and the two are very close.

Larissa's first talk with Colt's mother was ... disastrous.

Colt and Larissa on 90 Day Fiance

Larissa doesn't like Colt's house.

She doesn't like that it's small, or that the living room lacks furniture. She hates the ugly decorations.

Larissa would prefer to move to a larger house that has a pool. And she said so out loud.

She also insulted a slot machine that Colt's mother's late husband had purchased for her.


As soon as Colt and Larissa headed upstairs with her luggage, Colt's mother broke down into tears.

Larissa and Colt

"I expected Larissa to be this sweet, wonderful person that Colt told me so much about," she laments.

She continues, still crying: "But she gets here and she’s not the same person."

"She’s selfish. She’s demanding. She’s not very nice," Colt's mom cries.

"Unless she changes," she warns. "There’s not going to be a future for either one of them."

Honestly, there's more footage of his mom crying than what's in the clip.

It's ... hard to watch.

Larissa tries to make amends the next day at breakfast ... but has also decided that Colt's mother caters to his wishes too much.

Kalani and Asuelu in Samoa

Speaking of people crying, Asuelu got to meet Kalani's family.

To no one's surprise, Kalani's strictly Mormon family -- the family in which she remained a virgin until Kalani impregnated her -- weren't the friendliest.

Kalani's sister isn't big on their romance, and her father is even harsher about it.

Asuelu seems genuinely emotionally distressed that Kalani's family doesn't like him. He even broke down crying.

"I promised myself I want to take care of you and my son," Asuelu laments.

Honestly, Kalani's family needs to chill. She's a grown woman and Asuelu seems like a good dude.

Ashley and Jay on 90 Day Fiance

On a less weepy note, Jay was super hyped about getting to fly to America to be with Ashley.

Jay is pumped, but Ashley is a little worried.

She sort of dances around things, but mentions that the US has stricter laws about various things than Jamaica does.

(That's not always true -- Jamaica has some astonishingly strict laws that may make you reconsider where to vacation)

"I’m just a little bit worried about Jay adjusting well,” Ashley explains. “He’s facing a lot of cultural differences."

Jay and Ashley

Ashley is also conscious of her predominantly white hometown and how they might view her dating a black man from another country.

"I’m hoping we don’t have to deal with any racial issue," Ashley says.

"But I’m also naive to all of this,” Ashley admits.

It's smart to be conscious of the fact that you not having experienced racism before doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

“It might be an eye-opener to me," Ashley notes. "To see how people in the community react to our relationship."

Steven and Olga on 90 Day Fiance

Steven flew out to Moscow to be with Olga, who is pregnant.

Instead of spending some time together before their baby was born, he arrived right before she was due to go to the hospital.

But the problem is that they're both young, As in, they're both 20.

Olga is pregnant, and Steven is the first to admit that he doesn't know anything about this.

"I don’t know how much it costs to raise an entire baby," Steven admits.

They both have some growing up to do, and Olga says as much.

She also expresses a hope that she and Steven will be able to learn a lot together.

Jonathan and Fernanda on 90 Day Fiance

In last week's 90 Day Fiance sneak peek, we showed you Fernanda struggling to trust Jonathan after finding his ex's thong in his home.

In the new episode, we learned that Jonathan's no-nonsense delight of a friend who gives Fernanda some emotional support is named Dani.

After getting a measure of reassurance from Dani, Fernanda video-chatted with her family ... but it only made her sad.

She cries because her family, unable to obtain visas to visit her, won't be able to attend her wedding.

Jonathan, to his credit, really cares about his fiancee's happiness and admits that he's concerned.

We wish that this kind of empathy and compassion were universal for 90 Day Fiance couples, but it is not.

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