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Pro-tip for anyone moving in with a new significant other: you probably want to not still be holding on to an ex’s underwear.

That has of course been an issue on 90 Day Fiance, when Fernanda found Jonathan’s ex’s thong in his home.

In this sneak peek, we see that she’s still trying to decide whether or not she can trust him, with the awkward help of his friend.

Fernanda Cries

So, Fernanda Flores had the misfortune of not only finding another woman’s thong, but having that be almost her first experience in Jonathan Rivera’s home.

This brought underlying doubts about everything — the move, the engagement, and their 13-year age gap (she’s 19, he’s 32) — to the surface.

As you can see in this video, one of Jonathan’s friends was there to lend some emotional support.

"It’s hard to talk with Jonathan’s friends about our problems," Fernanda admits.

"I feel, of course, more comfortable talking with my friends but I don’t have that option," she explains.

Fernanda is very aware that "If I told my friends and my family, they will be disappointed in Jonathan."

She realizes that she was nervous, and that finding Jonathan’s ex’s thong, which he’d forgotten in a drawer, seemed like her worst fears realized.

"It was terrible,” Fernanda admits.

At this point, speaking to Jonathan’s (thus far unnamed) friend, she begins to cry.

Jonathan’s friend gives her a hug and a literal shoulder on which to cry.

Fernanda is Unsure

“When I came here," Fernanda laments. "I’m so excited and it made me feel stupid."

They’d met while he was on vacation, but ultimately she didn’t know much about him except what she had told him.

It sounds really romantic, but it can lead to doubts.

"I want to believe in him," Fernanda explains.

"But," she admits. "You think the worst."

"Of course she had some concerns," Jonathan’s friend, who is both kind and no-nonsense.

"If I had been in the country for the first time [and] I’m giving up everything to come here and marry someone," his friend says.

She continues: "and then the first day I get there I find a woman’s underwear, I would have lost it."

But, she says, it’s not a sign that he’s a cheater.

“This is typical Jonathan," she says. "No telling how long that’s been in there."

"He hasn’t thought about it," she explains. "He’s just a boy and he’s dumb."

Jonathan and Fernanda

Jonathan’s friend just explained at least one-third of all relationship problems.

(Seriously, can we get her to show up on 90 Day Fiance for other couples? Can that be a thing?)

It seems that the thong looked like a red flag, but also represented — as we mentioned — other concerns.

Hopefully, this talk with Jonathan’s friend (even if she’s not exactly a neutral party) helped to allay Fernanda’s fears.

It may have been awkward for her, especially when the reality of "my friend is going to marry a teenager" set in.

But everyone involved here is an adult. It looks like they met naturally and fell in love.

Fernanda and Jonathan

Fair warning, folks, we have a bit of a 90 Day Fiance spoiler for you.

If you find yourself rooting for Jonathan and Fernanda (I know that I have been), you’re in luck.

The two of them celebrated Halloween together this week. That’s not usually something you do when you break up.

And some reddit sleuths unearthed what appears to be evidence that these two got married back in May.

Sometimes, people make it work.