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90 Day Fiance had its Season 6 premiere, and the drama is already heating up.

Though fans have already met the Season 6 couples, we learned a lot more on the premiere.

Including which fiancee arrived in the US and almost immediately found another woman’s underwear in her fiance’s home.

Fernanda and Jonathan
Photo via TLC

Let’s start with Jonathan and Fernanda.

These two are both adults, but their 12-year age difference is raising some eyebrows, especially since Fernanda is 19.

As we saw on the 90 Day Fiance premiere, it’s not just fans who are thinking about how these two are in different stages of their lives.

Jonathan’s status as a bachelor in is 30s is clearly making Fernanda a little insecure.

Her finding a pair of panties in his apartment on her first day didn’t help matters.

They belonged to his ex, which he tried to explain, but it was not a good start for these two.

Kalani and Asuelu in Samoa

Kalani and Asuelu are one of those couples that you find yourself really rooting for.

They both seem sweet and neither appear to be monsters. Also, the way that Kalani talks to the camera is charming.

Fans may like these two, but Kalani’s family is not on board.

it turns out that her devoutly Mormon family is not happy that she lost he virginity to and had a baby with a man who is not yet her husband.

"My family was not supportive of me being with Asuelu,” Kalani revealed. “They thought he was just taking advantage of me."

She revealed that her father, who is Samoan himself, had hoped that she would end up with a very different man.

There are deeper issues at play, here.

Jay and Ashley
Photo via TLC

Ashley and Jay are another couple with an age gap, but that’s taking a back seat.

Because Jay’s horndog personality is not subtle. He isn’t shy about telling the camera about how much he loves sex.

Ashley’s loved ones are worried that he cheated on her while they were in a long distance relationship.

"Maybe I don’t care what Jay does when I’m not over there,” Ashley claims.

She says: “What he does in Jamaica when I’m not there is none of my business."

Ashley does at least admit: "I’m hoping that he changed his ways."

Sex positivity is great — but cheating? That’s less cool. She’s hoping that he becomes devoted to her in America.

Larissa and Colt
Photo via TLC

Colt and Larissa aren’t on the same page just yet.

There was a rpoblem with Larissa’s visa, so she had to miss her flight.

She asked Colt to go ahead and book the next one, but he wanted to wait to book a flght after her visa issues were worked out.

Larissa didn’t understand that, and it soon became clear that she assumes that, as an American, he is wealthier than he is.

"She’s in for an extremely rude awakening," Colt admits.

And this is all before she’s met this momma’s boy’s mother — or their many cats.

Leida and Eric
Photo via TLC

Eric and Leida are really flipping the script.

Though Eric is an older American and Leida is younger, she enjoyed a life of privilege in Indonesia.

Eric, though a 40-year-old veteran, seems to be making just enough to get by.

In fact, as we learned on the premiere, he had been splitting rent with his 19-year-old daughter.

To prepare for the arrival of Leida and her 5-year-old son, he asked his daughter to move out, which obviously created some friction.

He and Leida both expressed some anxieties about making this work.

Despite their misgivings, smart money says that Eric and Leida are likely to make it to the altar if she’s already come this far.