50 Cent in Coach Bud

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Gangsta rappers and basketball-playing dogs may not seem like the most likely pairing, but now that 50 Cent is pushing 40, he may want to consider entering the family-friendly, Ice Cube phase of his career, and what better way to sell out than with a beloved Disney franchise?

Okay, "beloved" might be a strong word, but as the above sketch from last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live makes clear, Fiddy and Air Bud are a match made in comedy heaven.

Anyone who's been forced to sit through the previews for Disney's straight-to-DVD releases while firing up Frozen for their kids for 4,000th time will appreciate the masterful way in which the above clip captures the general crappiness of low-budget kid flicks.

It may not be as funny as the now-squashed 50-Floyd Mayweather beef, but clearly, "Teen Choice Award nominee Curtis Jackson" and Prince Pumpkin Spice Latte III make a great team...on or off the court. (Fill in lame dog/basketball pun here.) 

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