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Last summer, while our nation was in the grips of the uber-lame trend known as the Ice Bucket Challenge (Obviously, donating to ALS research charities is awesome, but did everyone have to dump water on their heads first?!), 50 Cent made a unique bet with his former friend Floyd Mayweather:

50 Cent Feuds With Floyd Mayweather

Dredging up the rumor that Mayweather is illiterate, Fiddy offered to make a massive charitable donation if Floyd would film himself reading "one page of a Harry Potter book."

Floyd never accepted the challenge, and Fifty never forked over the $750,000, and the bad blood continued … until now. The beef is squashed.

With Mayweather facing his own Potter-esque battle of Good vs. Evil (Floyd is Voldemort in this analogy.), Mr. Cent has apparently decided to bury the hatchet.

Floyd Mayweather-50 Cent Photo

50 instagrammed the above photo last night along with a caption reading, "THE original MONEY TEAM, you gotta love it. My brother ready May 2 don’t get scared now.

The "May 2" remark obviously refers to the highly-anticipated fight between Mayweather and welterweight rival Manny Pacquiao.

50 is obviously trying to bury the hatchet in time for Mayweather’s likely victory, but if he’s hoping to be a part of the ringside crew, he’s out of luck.

Justin Bieber is Mayweather’s corner man for reasons that no one fully understands. But hey, 50 should be happy be to be back in the Champ’s good graces at all.

In addition to that ugly Harry Potter business, the rapper recorded a video in which he claimed that Nelly slept with Floyd’s baby mama.

Generally not the kind of thing you wanna say about 47-0 fighter.