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Over the last couple months, fans of Queen Elizabeth II have grown concerned over her failing health.

They’re afraid the beloved monarch will pass away at some point in 2017, with those who spend time with the royal icon wanting to savor every second they possibly can.

Well, most people who spend time with the royal icon, that is.

We can’t exactly make this declaration about a two-year old boy named Alfie.

The little boy is the son of Sergeant Mark Lunn and his wife, Corporal Michele Lunn, both of whom undertook tours of duty in Afghanistan.

He was all set this week to deliver a bouquet of flowers to Queen Elizabeth while being held by his mother…

… except Alfie was clearly not in the mood to do so.

He wasn’t really in the mood to do anything except cry and squirm and create quite the hilarious scene in front of the Queen.

Elizabeth, of course, handled the temper tantrum like the pro that she is, smiling the entire time in her royal blue suit and hat while graciously accepting the flowers that were, eventually, handed over.

She was joined at a memorial service for those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan by Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry.

But Alfie stole the show.

Watch him do so below, an incident made even funnier by the British announcer describing what you’re about to see on video: