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Last season of 1000-lb Sisters was full of worries, laughs, and pregnancy bombshells.

This season, however, things are looking a little more serious for one of the Slaton sisters.

Tammy is 35, regressing, and being openly fetishized by her boyfriend.

In fact, the Season 3 trailer shows that Tammy is having a lot of conflict with family, and especially with Amy.

This preview trailer for Season 3 starts off with a quick and nonsensical series of fun moments and humor.

Tammy Slaton turns 35 and celebrates that milestone with loved ones.

But when Season 3 returns on November 15, we will also see less happy storylines unfold.

Tammy has a new boyfriend, Phillip.

While Tammy is happy to have found new companionship, her loved ones are worried.

It is very clear from Phillip’s very public social media activity that he is what is called a "chaser."

The disabled community, the transgender community, and the fat community — among others — are familiar with this concept.

Some people fetishize them for their bodies. It is not the same as acceptance or appreciation.

As Tammy’s family points out to her … what if her boyfriend leaves her if she loses weight? Because that’s not love.

Chasers who pursue fat women have been known to actively work against their efforts to lose weight.

While Tammy feels that her family is attacking her happiness, they are just worried that she could get her heart broken.

It’s not a happy situation. People need love, not fetishization.

The trailer then shows that they are going on a family vacation.

This sort of thing probably happens more on reality television than in real life.

Why? Because cramming a bunch of people together on a trip makes great TV fodder.

Amy discovers that the RV comes with a bidet.

She doesn’t describe it as a "bidet," however.

We’ll let you watch the trailer for yourself to hear her colorful description.

Amanda is part of the trip, and while Amy says that she lacks a filter, she also clearly lacks some social graces.

Everyone might unconsciously scratch themselves every now and then.

Very few people sit at a table with others and rifle through their bra while cameras are rolling, then act indignant when called out on it.

As Amy explains, Amanda lacks a filter, and there’s more to it than bad manners.

She and Tammy clash at the table and appear just a few steps removed from a physical confrontation.

Oh dear.

One could argue that Tammy’s lack of filter appeared to be just as much of a problem in this encounter.

That said, we haven’t seen the full context.

Maybe there’s a good side and a bad side. Right now, it just looks like an ill behaved mess.

On Amy’s side of things, she’s adjusting to being a new mom.

She’s putting Gage first, as she said that she would.

Part of that means househunting and moving out.

There is the question of where that leaves Tammy … and Amy is worried.

Tammy, she worries, has been backsliding in some ways.

She compares her to the "Titanic" … which is just never an optimistic analogy.

Towards the end of the trailer, the sisters openly clash.

Tammy is working on a YouTube video outside and resents Amy interrupting her.

Amy was only interrupting her because she had been trying to help her.

Season 3 returns on Monday, November 15. 

Part of 1000-lb Sisters‘ secret is that the sisters aren’t heroes or villains, even in the show’s narrative — it’s just them and their real lives.

Sometimes, those real lives are messy.