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The smash hit reality show 1000-lb Sisters is set to return with a whole new season, and the premiere is just week away.

As this video teases, however, both Amy and Tammy have a lot on their plates — metaphorically speaking, that is — and are facing new challenges.

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The Season 2 teaser trailer for 1000-lb Sisters starts off all laughs and smiles.

Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton joke and laugh as they outfit themselves with facemasks and face shields.

Given their respective health struggles, the two of them would be at increased risk for complications or death from COVID-19.

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Unfortunately, comical moments like hearing Amy’s tummy growling are in short supply.

Amy, you see, is pregnant.

We are even treated to glimpses of her maternity shoot, with white robes fluttering in the wind.

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The problem, which Amy knows as she tells Dr. Procter, is that it’s simply too soon.

By her own admission, Amy is "scared as hell" about the whole thing, even though she is excited about this pregnancy.

She became pregnant four months after weight loss surgery. She had been instructed to wait two years.

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Amy’s lighthearted "oops" may be an understatement.

There could be real consequences — for her pregnancy and to her health — for getting knocked up so soon.

And she is not the only one with health concerns right now.

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Tammy reveals that she had reached Dr. Procter’s threshold for weight loss before her surgery.

Unfortunately, as she explains, she has fallen "off the wagon" in that department.

She is giving it another try, and her brother even offers to go on the diet in solidarity with her.

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Change can be difficult to grapple with, and Amy notes that their house is a little too small to welcome a baby into.

"We’re thinking about getting a bigger place," she tells a stunned Tammy.

Tammy expresses to the camera: "Everything’s gonna change."

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During footage that was obviously filmed during pandemic lockdown, Tammy speaks about how much she misses her boyfriend, Jerry.

"I don’t even want to be in this house without him," she expresses.

Sure enough, Jerry shows up when it’s allowed (albeit not especially safer) … but family and fans alike have real questions about him.

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Jerry insists that he’s all for Tammy getting the weight loss surgery.

However, Amy notes that Jerry likes Tammy at her current size, so she doubts whether he really wants to help or sabotage her.

In other words, she believes that Jerry is a "chaser" who fetishizes Tammy for her size and will either discourage her weight loss or leave Tammy when she’s "too small" for him.

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Meanwhile, Dr. Procter is worried about Tammy’s health after her weight loss setback.

He talks about the staggeringly high risk of Tammy passing away in the next five years.

Unfortunately, rapid weight loss can also be a massive straight on the body … to the point where it almost feels like Tammy is in a no-win scenario.

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1000-lb Sisters returns to TLC on January 4 for Season 2.

There are a lot of questions about the ethics behind these kinds of shows — the ways that they seem to contribute to the stigma of weight gain.

But we wish the very best for Amy and Tammy as they deal with some very real problems.