Jana Duggar: Will Counting On Finally Address Her Rumored Romance With Laura DeMasie?

Jana Duggar: Will TLC Address Her Romance With Laura DeMasie?

Counting On is unique among reality shows, in that while most stars and producers work together to dig deep in search of interpersonal drama that might lead to compelling television, the Duggars and their TLC bosses have decided to leave certain secrets buried.

It's not uncommon that the family is embroiled in some sort of high-stakes tabloid drama in real life, while on TV, they seem to be troubled by nothing more consequential than an especially competitive scavenger hunt.

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Laura DeMasie: Who Is Jana Duggar's Rumored Girlfriend?

Laura DeMasie: Who Is Jana Duggar's Rumored Girlfriend?

If you're a longtime Counting On viewer, then you're probably familiar with Jana Duggar's longtime friend Laura DeMasie.

Laura and Jana have an unusually close relationship, as DeMasie assists her BFF with homeschooling of the younger Duggars, as well as the many other chores that have been Jana's responsibility for the entirety of her adult life.

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